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59 thoughts on “Most Popular Maui Attraction Goes Paid For Tourists Only”

  1. i got the Diamond Head pass but couldnt for parking. i figured no problem. I can drop off family and park further out. Other than a small crowded parking lot nearby, there was nothing remotely close. unless you can get a parking pass or someone gives you are ride, dont waste your money. It was frustrating seeing tons of available parking set aside.

  2. The increased park fees and reservation system on Kauai are justified as there are a tiny number of residents in Haena who share their one road with thousands of visitors traveling between Haena/Hanalei/Princeville/the rest of Kauai. When the floods hit in 2018, the state had to rescue locals And visitors equally with helicopters and other rescue equipment around the damaged road.

    The Kauai access fees not only go to the state, but also to Kauai county AND to a native Hawaiian non-profit that stewards the park, taro fields, and community.

    Like Hanauma Bay, the reservation + fee system makes sense. If people lived IN Diamond Head, more managed access would make sense.

    Maybe Hana should think about a reservation+fee+toll system…

    1. Have you tried to make reservations at Hanauma Bay? It’s impossible. I figure the tour companies grab all the spots. I want to go with my son and daughter, who are residents, and I can’t get even one slot. The website is userUNfriendly. I don’t mind the fee, but the reservation system is awful. Soon visitors will only be able to access Hawaii via commercial operators. 😢

      1. That does seem to be the gameplay. Limit visitors to specific enclaves (all-inclusive resorts), provide tours from there by bus/van. Essentially control access and mobility. That model probably pays more into the economy than do-it-yourself visiting.

  3. Fees help fund state parks that have always been underfunded and in dire need. The reservation system is another thing altogether. It is there to limit the number of people using specific parks that were not designed or have the capacity to hold cars and people in the current and future numbers on a daily basis. Even National Parks are turning away people at peak times.


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