Perplexing West Maui “Closed” Edict Upsets Residents And Visitors

Did Governor Green and the troubled Hawaii Tourism Authority miss the mark. If so, exactly what is needed?

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143 thoughts on “Perplexing West Maui “Closed” Edict Upsets Residents And Visitors”

  1. The govenor wants to keep West Maui closed even longer:
    “Green said his own preference would be to reopen West Maui to kamaaina visitors on Oct. 1, and to other visitors on Nov. 15 or Dec. 1, depending on the availability of hotel rooms.

    One of the many major tasks that lie ahead is the need to move about 6,000 people out of Maui hotel rooms and into longer term rentals in the next two to four weeks, Green said.”

  2. Can someone explain why “October 17” was picked?

    It is not the start or end of a week, it’s a Tuesday
    It is not the middle of a month, it is the 17th
    It is not X weeks after “August 31”, it is 47 days

    Just don’t understand why that date was picked (and my stay is within that random date range)

  3. WE have booked a condo in Kahana for 6 people from October 9 – 16, 2023 just a week before the October 17 reopening deadline for visitors.
    Should we still come. We are only concerned that Hwy 30 is closed.
    Please keep us updated.

  4. Hello, I am seeking advice on my travel plans. At the moment I have an Air Bnb booked sept 28th – oct 1 in Kapalua. The host is saying it is ok to come visit, however due to the governors oct 17th proclamation we are unsure what to do. We would love to come visit and support the local economy while being respectful to those impacted by the disaster. We looked into switching to a different area of Maui, but we are not able to be fully refunded for our stay so we would prefer to stay in place if possible. I have conflicted morals towards this and hear both sides of the story but we are just unsure what to do at the moment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    1. Hi Sam.

      It’s s personal decision and if you read the comments (there are a ton of them) you’ll see the differing points of view. Also check and see if the things that you’re interested in will be open or not on West Maui.


  5. I think what people are referring to is the October 17 in the Governor’s proclamation for Maui which expires on October 17 but that is by law as proclamations expire every 60 days but it can renewed. I am pretty sure the proclamation will be renewed for another 60 days and so and so on.

  6. The Governor needs to reconsider his timetable of October 17th. We all are deeply affected by the devastation in Lahaina but part of a rebirth is initial survival. Employees and the many Businesses in West Maui will collapse if the Governor does not reconsider his timeframe and significantly reduce it and come out with a clear message that West Maui north of Lahaina is open for business and we welcome respectful visitors. Politicians are made and broken by they way they handle disasters and I am afraid the Governors’ decisions to date will significantly and negatively impact his political future.


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