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Premium Economy | Alaska Premium Class Joins Hawaiian Extra Comfort

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If you fly to Hawaii on Alaska Airlines, there is a new option to consider as of today, Premium Class. Their fleet of over-water Boeing 737-800 planes used for Hawaii flights will be reconfigured from the current 147 economy and 16 first class seats. Starting in 2016 and completed in 2017, the aircraft will have 117 economy, 30 Premium Class and 12 first class seats.

Alaska Airlines Premium Class Product

Premium Class will offer priority boarding and three to four inches more legroom (35 inches) compared with coach seats. Other amenities, not detailed at the time of today’s announcement, will also be included. The upgrade will be offered to elite Mileage Plan members free of charge and will also be available on a for purchase basis, with pricing to be released later.

Their first class cabin will at the same time see an increase in seat pitch from 36″ to 41″.

Hawaiian Airlines Extra Comfort Product

Hawaiian Airlines Extra Comfort

Hawaiian Airlines offers a premium economy product called Extra Comfort. For a fee of between $70 and $125 per flight, guests enjoy significantly more legroom (5+ additional inches), priority security line where available, priority boarding, complimentary “Unlimited TV & More” entertainment pack, plus pillow and blanket use.

Beat of Hawaii editors just returned from NYC this week on Hawaiian and flew in Extra Comfort. As you can see from our photo, on the eleven hour flight, it rocked.

Your thoughts

Some of you have criticized the introduction of premium economy on Hawaii flights, as it results in less availability of the lowest fare seats. Others, including your editors, are happy to have the availability of more space at a far lower cost than first class. Please let us know your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Premium Economy | Alaska Premium Class Joins Hawaiian Extra Comfort”

  1. Funny the day this article was posted, I was in that exact seat on a Hawaiian A330 from JFK! Row 11 rocks! Even though they’re taking it away with the new lie flat seats, it’s still just under $1000RT from the East Coast to Hawaii nonstop with the extra comfort upgrade!

  2. That is great for people who want all that comfort & can pay for those services. I am just a senior & can not afford that extra fees. I had booked with your airlines last month & the ticket cost me RT from Oakland to Honolulu $428 & that is expensive for me. It is special for me to travel on 3/7/16 because it is my mother’s birthday on that day & she will be 98 years. I flew to see her in 2013 & it cost me $300 +. It seems that your seats are smaller & the surrounding spaces are tight when I flew with Hawaiian Airlines in 2013. I was thinking of flying to Honolulu with Alaska Airlines because of their spacious seats & surrounding spaces. But the meals are extra $. Happy Holidays!

  3. Not everyone flying to Hawaii is on Vacation.
    We need more airlines like ATA that we lost in 2008.
    A airline that can get you from the mainland back to Hawaii at a price you can afford.
    Perhaps Southwest Airlines will help the business class person with better fares and less perks.

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