Southwest Hawaii coupon code sale.

Southwest Hawaii Deals | Coupon Code Saves Additional 40% in 2022

Today, October, Southwest Hawaii deals are back for 2022, with truly great mainland fares on 44 routes from across the country. Coupon code sale prices starting at about $84 each way including all taxes and fees. Not to mention two free checked bags. Previously, Southwest did not offer single itinerary flights from most of the U.S. However, they said that would increase to cover the country eventually, and we see that is being rolled out further.

Fares are valid for travel from January 6 to March 9, 2022.

The best of these Hawaii deals will not last long at all, in fact, we are already seeing availability decline.  So, don’t wait even one hour to book directly at Southwest Airlines. Also be sure to check sale pricing from Hawaiian Airlines, since they compete directly on Hawaii routes now. Also, Alaska Airlines competes on Hawaii routes from both the Pacific Northwest and California among other places.

Today’s fare sale is further proof that Southwest remains game-changing for Hawaii travel. The competition was barely getting started before COVID and now it has resumed and should be ongoing for the foreseeable future. So don’t despair if you miss this round of 2022 deals, as there will be more to come. 

Also read Finding Deals Amid Competitive Battle | Hawaiian vs. Southwest.

One-way prices below are the lowest fares that appear in any month between August and November. Use a monthly “low fare calendar” to find the best prices for each route. If you don’t find these fares available, or the dates have changed, what you are looking for may be gone. Fares are widely available at the time of publishing, but not for all or even most days, and not over holiday periods or most weekends.

Notes on Southwest Hawaii Deals:

– Two free checked bags.
– No seat assignments. Options for $25-$50 will improve seat selection choices when boarding.
– No meals for sale, only free drinks, and snacks. The first service consists of a snack bag that includes crackers, pretzels, cheese spread, Tic-Tacs, and fruit snacks. The second service is Pepperidge Farm cookies.
– No charger ports. Bring a charged battery.
– In-flight entertainment is only available on your personal device. Fee-based satellite WiFi is $8 per flight, which is a great deal.

Updated 10/5/21.

165 thoughts on “Southwest Hawaii Deals | Coupon Code Saves Additional 40% in 2022”

  1. Dear Beat of Hawaii, Thank you for all info you send our way! Any word on Southwest helping it’s customers with Covid testing for flights and entry to the islands? Thank you 😊 Cheryl

  2. I hope the gov can lift the mask mandate so you dont have to wear masks outside or inside i hope before August 1
    Thank you

  3. No way does Hawaiian even come close to SW. $320 RT to Kona is August. Over $700 on Hawaiian. And that’s if you can get through.

  4. I am trying to fly from Mpls/Stp to Maui and am wondering if I have to purchase two separate flights to connect in CA? When I search MSP-MAUI there are no flights available but I am able to search MPLS-OAK and then OAK-MAUI. Please help!

  5. MAHALO!!! I just booked my son to fly from Honolulu to Oakland, CA to visit his father and sister over the Christmas holidays for $82 each way!!! So happy to be able to send him there with a huge savings.
    ALOHA 🤙🏼

  6. Planning on a trip from FL to Lihue. Timing wise what’s the ideal time to fly and best cheapest route to get there? Do I have to still book separate tickets as well?

  7. Thank you Rob and Jeff for your always timely, detailed information! I have a question about travel to Molokai from the west coast. I will have been tested for Covid before leaving the mainland. With Ohana by Hawaiian ceasing business, Mokulele is the only airline serving Molokai. I will need to go outside the main terminal at HNL to get to Mokulele. Is that a problem from Covid quarantine standpoint?

    1. Hi Katherine.

      Thank you. Good point. We’re not sure the answer, so we’d suggest you contact Mokulele. If that doesn’t work out, just let us know.


  8. Oak-Maui RT
    Maui-Kona RT

    Got amazing price for late March to early April
    Can’t wait to look for some property out here after Covid put my moves on pause, hopefully covid part II isn’t too bad but I have a feeling it will be justness like the start of this year.

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