57 thoughts on “Stopping Toxic Talk: Hawaii Visitors + Locals Find A Path Forward”

  1. All you have to do is treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated and i think there will be instant good treatment back

  2. Loved on Maui for 5 years and Oahu for 10 years. Grew up in Boston and New Jersey considered by many to be the rudest people around. In fact it’s the opposite. Anyway you will have _____ wherever you go. I used to love working lahaina it was like being on vacation. Everyone in a good mood. Loved in Waikiki at the waipuna for 5 years walked the Hilton and kalakua every day to the park and back. Some people are just miserable no matter where they are. Not sure if I was considered local but my wife looks hawaiian so maybe we got a pass. What exactly is a local very few native Hawaiians left and those I knew were respectful of almost everyone. Seemed to be those with bad parenting that caused problem with ignorance which is everywhere.

  3. Hawaii is both a physical place and a state of mind. The real vs. the imagined. For some of us, the islands have been a place of Joy and beauty for years. We come, we respect the land and the residents just as we would our own families. For the rest, quit complaining that the imagined does not match the reality. If you don’t like it, stay home. Go somewhere else. Ruin someone else’s experience. Hawaii is a wonderful experience if you just give it a chance. The Aloha Spirit is alive if given just a chance. Lay back, lower expectations and have a great vacation.

    1. “Lower expectations” has been repeated quite a few times. Expectations are relative. Is Walt Disney really to blame? Are unfulfilled expectations a good explanation for lack of civility?

  4. Something to consider:

    In much of the discussion on this board, a common theme seems to be a reminder to visitors to become familiar with (and pay respect to) the customs of Hawaii. Furthermore, this logic seems to be applicable simply because it is Hawaii.

    Why should expectations for visiting Hawaii be any different than visiting ANY place, anywhere in the world? With very few exceptions, no matter where we travel on this big blue ball, we are passing through a place some number of people likely call home.

    I understand the focus on Hawaii on this webpage, and that’s okay. We should be cautious that focus does not turn to myopia….

    1. Well stated…I think that is where a lot of the frustration stems from for visitors.

      When someone says I am not sure if I want to visit Hawaii anymore, it shouldn’t be viewed as complaining or whining, it is someone expressing frustration with many of the comments that they read from locals that don’t seem to want visitors or don’t feel respected, no matter what.

      Again, as so many have expressed, it is a vocal minority and ultimately you have to base your viewpoint of Hawaii on your experiences, not necessarily what you read in a forum.

  5. It’s not only Hawaii who suffers and benefits from tourism. I live in both FL and CO and its a pain in the butt to deal with crowds, rudeness and ignorance on both sides of the spectrum. Both Residents and Tourists are disappointed and taken advantage of. “Disrespect on both sides of the aisle.”

    1. Janis M.,
      If you want solitude and no crowds, I suggest you move to a different area. I also reside in Florida (Daytona area) and I actually love to see all of the tourists having fun. I have not in all my years of living here (36 Yrs.) seen rude and obnoxious people on either side of the aisle. There will always be a few people that are annoying but you have to take the bitter with the sweet. Loosen up and enjoy the ride! That is what life is all about!

  6. Most folks, residents and visitors alike, behave well.

    Some, including myself, make too much of the small amount of bad behavior. Or, as I’m guilty of, bashing the governor. In my own case, I live in California and could care less who bashes our worthless governor. So, I sometimes feel free to bash Ige – I’ll be more careful in the future.

    Let’s try to be friendly with our fellow Americans.

    See you in September. In July we sold our timeshare – my health is a problem for travel – thought we would not be in Hawaii again. But, it looks like we have one more trip. After visiting for 57 years, this may well be the end for us.

    1. Rod W.,
      Truer words were never spoken. I am sorry to hear that you are not in the best of health and I hope you enjoy your trip to Hawaii this year. Aloha!

  7. I grew up in Honolulu and when I visit with my family, it feels like I am home. We try to treat all who we come in contact with, with respect just as if we were back on the mainland. We have never felt anything but gracious aloha back from locals. With all that said, I have witnessed not so respectful visitors and cringe. I do wonder if some of these visitors are like that, no matter where they travel to. It’s a shame, just the same. Thank you for welcoming the world to your shores. We are lucky to be able to visit, even tho it’s not always a pleasure for the residents. Missing my home away from home…

  8. Hi BOH guys
    Have you ever done a story on the locals who scam tourists on the Waikiki strip? They come down acting all friendly share a drink then want to drink all of yours. Hit on your women or men. Make up stories about what your spouse or sig other said when you went away. Yeah this all happened to me and they destroyed a long term friendship I had.
    I stopped in at local food joints and all welcomed me with open arms. Every local non beach person I met were all wonderful

    1. It sounds like you might be associating with the wrong people. Perhaps you should be a little more selective.

    2. It’s been 5 or more years, but we used to sit on the lip by the Macy’s windows. We didn’t get hassled by locals or anyone else. Except one of the pimps would come and sit and tell us about how he protested “his” girls.

      Also, all the street vendors/entertainers and their crowds blocking the streets.

      Two things, I assume they live in Hawaii and I consider what they do to be a positive part of the vacation experience.

  9. Aloha BOH,
    Thank you for your balanced perspective. We have been fortunate to visit 5times/3 islands since Jan 2021. We consider it an unexpected gift & blessing. If not for Covid-19, we would’ve spent all these trips with our family in Greece & missed the Aloha we found in Hawaii. We respect the residents, we comply with any restrictions & do our best to protect the environment. We have made friends with those who take such good care of us each time we visit & make sure they are recognized for their hard work. We empathize with residents when tourists destroy & desecrate the land. Similar things have gone on in the Greek Islands for years. Respect all around goes a long way. Mahalo nui loa.

    1. Hi Suzanna.

      Thanks for your perspective on this and your four dozen other comments!


  10. We have been visiting the Islands for twenty years and have used vacation homes every time from a resident’s garage conversion into a studio, to working farms. Our experiences with the folks who live and work in HI have been wonderful. I would say that is the primary reason we keep returning. I only hope we will be able to afford our vacations going forward. It’s not just HI, everywhere along the east coast vacation rentals and hotels are getting out of hand.

  11. We are the United States of America, there are no visitors if the are from the USA. Respect of each other, our country, property and parks/city/state/federal land is just good common sense. More people should use their’s and we need less devise media posts.

    1. You’d be wrong but that’s ok. We stole Hawaii so really it’s not ours. BOH is always very fair to show both sides

      1. PaulC,

        So in your world, you would have preferred Hawaii to become part of the Japanese Empire. That worked out so well for millions of Chinese….and many others in the Pacific area….

  12. I have been to Hawaii 3 times since it reopened and Every single person that I came in contact with could not have been nicer and very welcoming! Heading back in 2 weeks in fact! Love the islands!!

  13. Hello BOH,
    While reading your latest post I had to smile at the comment “we’ll never be back”… as a “ancient” FA I cannot state the numerous times we heard pax state “ never flying this airline again”.. that is,
    until the ticket price is low enough 😂… In other words, never say never…

  14. Visitors need to remind themselves in regards to local Hawaiians you are entering their home. Please tread carefully and do not take unnecessaray risks and stay off sacred sites. You are a guest and should honor the residents with your appreciation. Adopt the aloha spirit. In the end the aloha will stay in your heart for having been a good guest.

  15. To begin with, don’t ever say the world changed because of the new flu and is never returning. These problems weren’t caused by the new flu or by China, they were caused by the politicians in power in Hawaii and the world now by design. It’s up to all of us bring Hawaii back to the land of Aloha. If we really want the world to return to normal, all we have to do is get rid of all the politicians in power right now!


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