Strategic Shift In Game Plan For Coveted New Hawaii Route

Boeing 737 MAX 9-troubled Alaska Airlines is cutting a series of routes, including its newest one connecting a Washington community and Honolulu.

Multiple factors contributed to their decision.

Alaska believes, as do other airlines that summer 2024 will be a very busy one. So it is robbing Peter to pay Paul, so to speak, as it adjusts its network to better correspond to seasonal demand.

Gone in May is the new route from Paine Field, Washington, to Honolulu.

Alaska introduced the new route just in time for the holidays and following a considerable hiatus in new Hawaii routes. The plan was for daily, year-round flights from Paine Field in Everett, Washington, to Oahu. The first-ever inaugural flight on the route just took place on November 17. It marked a significant expansion for Alaska Airlines, which, with Paine, operates nonstop flights to Hawaii from eight mainland airports.

At the time, Alaska Airlines was most enthusiastic about the new offering, emphasizing the desire of their guests to have a direct connection from Seattle’s northern airport to the Hawaiian Islands.

Coincidentally, the plane types used were the two subject to FAA scrutiny.

The flight schedule for the Paine Field to Honolulu route, which includes a red-eye return to the mainland, currently features both the Boeing 737-900 ER and the Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft. These two planes are currently under inspection per the FAA, with the MAX 9 fleet still grounded.

Last summer, Alaska announced the first-ever Hawaii route from Paine Field. Then, the actual service from Paine Field to Honolulu Airport was inaugurated in November.

Flights continue until May 8, 2024, and then go on hiatus.

According to Google Flights, the Paine Field to Honolulu route will remain active until May 8. They will no longer run year-round; instead, it will become seasonal.

Starting on November 1, the Paine Field to Honolulu flight is, for now, scheduled to resume as daily, once again. That is until the end of the current schedule on December 11, 2024.

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  1. We are hugely disappointed that you have dropped Painevfield to Anchorage from January to May. Our family called almost in tears…..

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