Styrofoam Quits Hawaii As Body Boards Go Next

Starting next Tuesday, you won’t find disposable foam boogie boards for sale or rent on Maui. That comes as the island implements its ban on these environmentally hazardous toys. We’ve seen countless discarded and broken foam bodyboards on Hawaii beaches, and this is a good move.

Maui was the first county to enact a ban on polystyrene food containers, which took place four years ago. This completes their bill, which also banned plastic bags. Ordinance No. 5236 identifies “disposable bodyboards” as having a polystyrene foam core. An environmentally favored alternative is called a “durable bodyboard.” It’s made with high-density polyethylene or polypropylene cores and will last several seasons.

What used to be called styrofoam is known as foamed polystyrene. The environmental issues associated with it include leaching into the water and soil and inadvertently ingesting the foam by birds and mammals. Polystyrene is very slow to degrade, and its manufacturing creates large volumes of hazardous waste. It is said that polystyrene manufacturing is a contributor to global warming.

A Honolulu polystyrene and plastic ban starts September 5.

Honolulu previously enacted a ban on polystyrene food containers (plastic ones too). But allegedly, the law’s implementation was postponed due to supply chain issues. It will now take effect on September 5. Suppliers of non-plastic replacements say there is no issue with sourcing and that the food industry has been obstinant about the change.

Those containers had previously been banned on the other islands starting in 2018. There is a global move towards the elimination of polystyrene foam.

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16 thoughts on “Styrofoam Quits Hawaii As Body Boards Go Next”

  1. Low density Styrofoam boards dont work anyway. From Now on cheap chinese hardshell low density styro boards lasting 3 outings will litter the islands landfills.

    The ordnance should read as follows:
    Only locally produced 4-6 ply glass/polyester/epoxi boards can be sold or rented.
    All plastic is replaced by minimally treated cardboard.
    No conventional sunscreen can be shipped and sold to Hawaii.
    Separation and Recycling swisstyle.

  2. Typical nimby scold. He wants even surfboards banned. Ok, dude. I want your swim fins, mask, snorkle, wetsuit, flip flops, sunglasses, beach umbrella, ice chest, swim trunks, plastic sunscreen tube, casio watch, hair comb, water bottles, beach hat, banned because every one of those products has plastic somewhere in them that a seagull can choke on. Better—you just stay home and pray to your earrh god.

  3. Thank you Hawaii, let’s hope the rest of the US follows I your steps. Styrofoam and plastic have been a problem much to long for our land ,air and oceans.

  4. While it’s a drop in the environmental degradation bucket overall, every little bit helps. However, switching from one whatever to another whatever always has winners and losers–and rarely works out the way you think it will. (Like switching to electric cars–which still take tons of carbon to produce–and power–and also tons of lithium for the batteries–the mining / production of which also causes plenty of environmental damage.) So, lets not get too proud about switching from poison A to poison B. The best option would still be to simply not produce or sell any type of “boogie board” or surfboard–to be able to enjoy life, the outdoors, the ocean, etc without manufactured goods… But people in general are selfish myopic.

  5. This is an awesome step in keeping our environment, seas, and all living creatures safe and Healthy, I’m so glad this will be an ongoing process to a Beautiful Healthy Planet have a Blessed everything, Mahalo Love and Hugs Joann

    1. I’ve been in favor of reusable everything since we first learned about the 6-pack plastic rings that were getting stuck on fish and killing them. Instead of banning we should consider mandatory returns/disposal like Oregon started in the 1970’s. Anything thrown on the beach or in the water is pollution and hurts wildlife, even a metal Coleman cooler!

    1. Should’ve been first………wonder about Lifesaving tools, Lifeguard Torpedo’s and Rings, it’s also a created core, inside? As far as Food Industry, Take-out or whatever, can’t come fast enough. Still remember in ’19 when Foodland and ABC stopped supplying Plastic bags, it was a shock after so many years, now we bring our old one,s folded up when we come out.l

    1. People should still be able to surf and boogie board, just make them out of wood. I’m sure that’s what ancient Polynesians did.

        1. Don’t sell disposable. Only allow owned or rented. I’m sure there is a way to prevent the forests to not be cut down excessively. But of course I’m also one that believes in cutting down on excessive junk mail and paperwork.

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