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70 thoughts on “The Aloha Spirit In Hawaii Gone Missing”

  1. I still feel Aloha here. It’s mainly online that I see anger, impatience, self-righteousness, and rude words from fellow residents.

    Perhaps expressing frustrations online is understandable, everyone needs an outlet. But it would be so cool if as much Aloha could be shown online as the Aloha I experience as I go about my day-to-day life.

  2. We were outside (me walking and pushing my son in a wheelchair). I was given a bottle of water by a stranger on Oahu for the hot day. I have two handicapped sons. One autistic and the one I mentioned in a wheelchair. I offered a waiter at a luau in Lahaina a tip. He would not take it. He said to keep it for myself and my sons. We walked to the Old Lahaina luau. It was dark when it was time to go home. I mentioned I didn’t feel comfortable walking that far in the dark. A waiter called a cab for us. Maybe small things but memorable and meaningful for me. Much appreciated. I think aloha can be the “little” things. Kindness that comes as natural as breathing. Aloha. 💐

  3. Aloha in Hawaii is gone. Destroyed by government, investors and military presence. The new word for Hawaii is Money.

    1. I also lost my wallet several years ago and went back to the store where I had purchased groceries. They didn’t find it, but when we got home, I received a call from a couple who had found it on the parking spot next to theirs. When we met, my wallet had everything in it, including a couple of $20 bills and I told them that I would like them to keep the cash, but they refused. It took me a while to convince them and they finally agreed that I could give it to their teenage daughter. They were from the Philippines and she was doing housekeeping for a resort and he was working on the coffee farm.

  4. The sad part is that there are fewer Hawaiians living in Maui, so the best we can hope for is that they took the Aloha spirit with them where ever they went ….

  5. Want Aloha? Then give Aloha. Aloha ain’t for sell. Just because you paid all this money to get here doesn’t mean you can be rude or not obey posted signs. It says keep out then keep out. That’s the local way. Respect and aloha go hand in hand.

    1. This is rude, though. I bet you would never talk this way face-to-face. I find aloha is there in-person. It’s only online where all these negative feelings come out.

  6. Contact all the airlines coming here to do a psa or commercial about the aloha spirit. Also pay tribute to the poet Auntie Pualahi Paki whose poem led to the Aloha spirit law.
    I hate to see Hawaii loose it’s Aloha Spirit, because there is no place in the world like Hawaii. It’s a magical place.

  7. We have been coming to paradise (Maui) every year since 1997. The last several years we have been fortunate enough to stay, in our timeshare in Kihei, for a month. We buy local when we can and go for an occssional dinner at one of the Wailea hotels. We’ve rarely experienced anything other than the spirit of aloha, whether we’re sipping a 15.00 cocktail or a $3 Mai Tai at Kahale’s. The spirit of aloha is alive and well on Maui.

  8. I was raised in Hawaii big island since 1969 my dad moved us to Hawaii to build Hilo town and homes there was such family and aloha to mainland folks but no more. Maybe it’s because mainland folk all want to buy up ocean front property and think they own the beach not true but have had a hoale lady tell me that was her beach ha sad to see how much my home has changed. Many years but really sad

  9. Your article was very nice, also very inspiring. I particularly like the legal angle 1986. Mahalo for your wonderful efforts.

  10. Long time ago my husband left his bag with cash, I’d, air ties, on top of rental car and drove off. Later discovered it missing. Called the fast food vendor whose parking lot it would have fallen. Not there. But later got a 📞 📲 call from airline. Said our bag with tix had been turned in. That’s when we Oahu tourists knew that Kauai had Aloha spirit.


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