Timely Hawaiian Airlines Sale As Merger + Aircraft Challenges Escalate

Timely Hawaiian Airlines Sale As Merger + Aircraft Challenges Escalate

Hawaiian Airlines’ crystal ball may have been even better than we thought when it recently said that it was both 1) open to other offers beyond Alaska Airlines and 2) that until the deal is consummated, Hawaiian must remain independent and resilient. Not only that, but other troubling issues are pressing and causing more concerns about whether in fact this seemingly made-in-heaven marriage will ever be consummated.

Serious concerns remain regarding the proposed merger.

Foremost today is that a federal judge just blocked JetBlue’s purchase of Spirit Airlines following the Justice Department’s suit to stop the planned merger. The Department of Justice contended that the agreement posed antitrust concerns and moreover would negatively impact consumers. JetBlue and Spirit, in a joint statement, expressed disagreement with the decision. They are assessing potential future actions.

While the mergers are not of a similar nature, what does cover both that and the Alaska/Hawaiian one is the fact that regulators are strongly opposed to any airline mergers period.

Next in terms of problems is that all Boeing MAX 9 planes remains grounded indefinitely with concern growing about issues at Boeing beyond the emergency exit plug. Airlines keep extending the cancellation of MAX 9 flights by a day at a time, until more is known about how long this might continue. Boeing also just appointed an independent advisor to oversee a review of the 737 MAX 9.

Alaska is the airline by far the most exposed in terms of MAX 9 issues.

Alaska, the airline that would come to own Hawaiian Airlines, if the deal is consummated, has a mainline fleet of 227 aircraft. Of those 29% or 65 are of the MAX 9 variant.

United Airlines, the only other US airline flying MAX 9, has 79 of these planes. But with a fleet of 944 mainline planes flying, the MAX 9 represents just 8% of their aircraft fleet.

Back to the Hawaiian Airlines airfare sale.

Hawaiian is a scrappy small airline, and we wouldn’t put it past them to pull through with or without Alaska Airlines acquisition. This is going to be interesting, if nothing else. And to add a touch of levity to otherwise serious situations, the first city pair of the fare sale will even let you fly on the newly pothole-patched runway at Kona Airport.

  • Kona/Oakland $96
  • Lihue/Oakland $96
  • Lihue/San Francisco $96
  • Lihue/San Jose $96
  • Maui/Los Angeles $97
  • Kona/Los Angeles $100
  • Maui/Oakland $100
  • Maui/San Francisco $100
  • Maui/San Jose $100

Understanding Hawaiian Airlines Main Cabin “Basic Economy.”

The fares above are for basic economy and regular economy, depending on the route, can cost significantly more. Here’s what to know first about basic economy.

  1. No advance seat assignment; seats are allocated during 24-hour check-in or at the gate.
  2. No upgrade options with miles or cash.
  3. Includes one free carry-on and one personal item (similar to regular economy).
  4. HawaiianMiles members earn one mile per mile flown (similar to regular economy).
  5. Complimentary meals, snacks, and beverages are provided (similar to regular economy).
  6. Offers free in-flight entertainment (similar to regular economy).
  7. Boarding in the last zone, potentially causing issues with carry-on luggage on full flights.

Today’s sale works for travel starting either on the mainland or in Hawaii.

Prices listed as one-way fares, inclusive of taxes and fees. Bookings can be made through Hawaiian Airlines’ website where you’ll also find other routes on sale for somewhat more money.

Act quickly, given the dynamic nature and pricing of airfares. Some blackout dates are in effect. Then embark on a dream Hawaii vacation, with prices as low as $96 each way in a today-only Flash Sale.

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5 thoughts on “Timely Hawaiian Airlines Sale As Merger + Aircraft Challenges Escalate”

  1. Aloha Gents,
    I understand that you do not permit links, however there is too much here to fit into the 750 character limit, so I offer this to you for your reference: airlines.org/dataset/u-s-airline-mergers-and-acquisitions/
    Check it out. Seems to be a lesson in “economies of scale”.

    1. Looks like Hawaiian is running a sale on inter-island award bookings. I’m seeing 6,800 Hawaiian miles for round-trip inter-island (searched HNL-KOA, HNL-ITO) with relatively widespread availability now through May. Cash rates are $120-150 (non-refundable) so a really great value. In the past I’ve been satisfied to get 1 cent/mile so to get 2 cents/mile is something I never thought I’d find! Also, for someone sitting a small stash of miles, this is a perfect opportunity to put them to use and get solid value.

  2. Aloha gentleman. I as a Pualani Platinum member do not really see how HA can continue without cash from somewhere. They are still hemorrhaging money and after almost a year their website is still not fully functional. It appears that website will never be fully functional.
    I like the fact that I always have the choice of flying on an A320. I am really not interested in flying on A319 or 737s.
    I hope that the merger does get approved. I enjoy the in flight service of HA and the website of Alaska.
    Good article gentlemen.

    1. Hi Kelly.

      Thanks. We appreciate your input here and so many other comments. You make good points. Hawaiian told us that some website features would be completed before the acquisition while others would not. So far we are unaware of any further changes happening.


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