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167 thoughts on “Hawaii’s Tourism Plans Marooned Again, Mired in Latest Controversy”

  1. Thanks for attaching the SB regarding HTA. Having served in government I want to point out a few things:

    1.) Keep an eye on WHO those employees and consultants are. This is TAXPAYER’S MONEY and a quick leak are those 2 places.

    2.) Anyone else catch the reference to “selling and building a convention center?” More tax money spent and another typical money leak.

    3.) I’m impressed with the the concept of county control so long as oversight of the funds’ utilization is maintained. Good luck!

  2. Thanks to the military and Providence, we lived in Hawaii. Having lived there, we feel we have a vested interest. The last time we visited we helped 808 clean up a beach, and will surely do so this time. We want to keep Hawaii beautiful. We have come back to visit often, but this time when our booking car rental, the taxes were half as much as the total rental price. We love Hawaii, and we hate to see everything about the almighty dollar. The tax-tipping time is rapidly approaching for us.

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