Why Cost Of Hawaii Vacations May Plunge In 2024

Could the Hawaii deals of yesteryear be poised to return? We’ve wondered that ourselves recently, as there comes a point in time when the reduction in tourism due to exorbitantly increased rates becomes unsustainable. Also, according to one recent report, the cost of some Hawaii vacations as well as other tropical destinations might be heading down. Where does Hawaii actually stand?

After two years of relatively stellar performance in Hawaii travel in spite of soaring costs, the state overall, led by Maui, is falling below prior years’ visitor counts. This comes after the post-pandemic surge when everyone took to the sky, and seemingly all arrived here in Hawaii.

Factors suppressing Hawaii travel costs in 2024.

A variety of issues are having the effect of suppressing Hawaii travel. Demand and cost will ultimately come into better alignment to the benefit of visitors. Some of the factors are high-interest rates, job layoffs, and challenging economic and global conditions. Both we and this study feel that is likely to mean “there are some deals to be had for those planning to travel next year.” And this includes Hawaii.

GoBankingRates interviewed luxury travel agents and other experts in the field to “get the scoop on some high-end vacation destinations that might be cheaper next year.” They found a range of destinations, including Hawaii, where travel professionals believe prices will drop.

First, a long list of exotic destinations other than Hawaii made these experts list where they expect prices to drop and where visitors can expect to find significant discounts in 2024.

That list includes the US Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Phuket, Bali, Santorini, and the Maldives. These familiar, idyllic, and exotic destinations will pressure Hawaii to be more price-competitive. Other places projected to have lower-cost travel in 2024 are London, Paris, and Cape Town.

Hawaii Fatigue? Airline Competition Drops Tahiti To $294

Here’s a familiar place on the list that Hawaii aficionados adore.

The experts believe that French Polynesia, and specifically the island of Bora Bora (above), is poised to become more affordable in 2024. They said, “It is expected that next year, there will be more competitive rates and promotions.” Flights to Papeete Tahiti have increased and now include nonstop from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle, in addition to weekly flights from Honolulu.

The cost of flights to Tahiti has already plummeted.

As a sign of what could be ahead, while the cost of flying from Honolulu to Papeete is lower than it was, it is still high. and mostly north of $750 round trip. But if you fly from more distant Los Angeles (an extra two hours of travel time), the price starts at $467, even in Tahiti’s prime season. Airfare cost from San Francisco and Seattle is higher.

The cost of a Tahiti vacation dropping will put pressure on Hawaii prices, too, and help bring costs down.

Confirmed: Hawaii Travel to ALL Islands Starts Thursday + Much More

Hawaii joins the list of places predicted to see cost reduction.

Understandably, they point to Maui as a particular island that is very costly, as we all know, and that has suffered a tremendous loss of tourism following the tragic Lahaina fire, among other issues. To this day, Maui is unable to get beyond about 50% of its normal visitor arrivals despite the impacted West Maui area representing only 15% of the island.

The experts said, “Reduced tourism at least through the first half of 2024 should keep prices lower than usual as the island fights to get back to normal.”

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  1. Sitting here at the end of December after the Hawaiian/Alaska merger and waiting for prices to drop. It’s really high right now for our travel dates, higher than we usually see. Hopefully we will see it drop in the new year. I just don’t see how higher pricing is sustainable.


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