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117 thoughts on “Your Future Maui Vacation May Save the Island from Further Disaster”

  1. should be having musical events to help raze money for rebuild.
    would like to know what areas of the island we can vacation in so that we can spend dollars there.
    never was able to get there. always wanted to go. now want to vacation where maybe some of my dollars can add to the pot and posable help.
    with all our love and support dale and donna

  2. There is no “private” news anymore. Een through the White House. So I would like an informed mind to tell me; What is the next step for: The displaced families? Why is there not any statements on what type of living arrangements will happen for them? What is the next step to clean and de-toxify Lahaina? Could they not take a section of the land, to get it prepared for temporary housing? And if so, what kind of temporary housing would be acceptable with the climate of Hawaii? Why is there not an outline of proposed steps planned? Nothing is private anymore with social media, yet we see nothing on this?! I know in school we had to outline steps in our studies. I’d like to see the outline here?! I would be sad to learn that the State of Hawaii is just like the Mainland and afraid to make a move for offending someone! Look what that gets us?! Nowhere, but crime and stalemate.

  3. Maybe rebrand Maui Strong to Lahaina Strong. As long as Maui is a disaster area then tourists won’t visit. It’s unclear whether Maui is a disaster or not if all the fundraising and support is blended together.

    1. Christa I agree with you. because most humans are followers and the un-informed have no idea the geography of Maui nor really the reason they want to vacation on this island. Back in my childhood school day, we had to study history, national geographics. We had tests and had to know each state well. When I first visited Hawaiian chains, in the 70’s, it was because I loved the history, land, and the beautiful people that was studied for years. I wanted to see it all first hand. Now, it is a social media bucket list, selfie zone, etc. But, back to your statement. Marketing should not be: Come to Maui:, bring your full wallet, tip extra, volunteer on your days off when you worked 5 years to get there, and now the entrance or exit of West Maui. These are some of the statements I read that understandably are needed, but for sure not good marketing for time in Paradise for the uneducated or uninformed which is pretty widespread…unfortunately.

  4. Thank you for all your info. We received a note from the condo that we are renting in March of next year. They are saying please don’t cancel. They even gave us a list of All the stores and restaurants that are open in west Maui! We will come!!!

  5. You want us to cancel our reservation at Kaanapali but the Air BnB will not cooperate and let us cancel by not giving us a refund. We are due to stay in Kaanapali from 11/16 through 11 24. Please advise us.

    1. Hi Cecile.

      There will be updated guidance from the state about West Maui. That should not take long, while you’re reservation is still more than two months away.


  6. I am planning on coming to Maui in February to visit a friend
    She lives upcountry
    What should I do? I can volunteer and help.

  7. Hello,

    We have a trip planned for late October, and after the guidance this week we have decided to keep our plans, with a slight modification. Our original plans included stays in both south and west Maui, and we have changed everything to stay in south Maui.

    We would like to do some volunteering while we are there. I know this is a ways away and it is hard to predict what the need will be. But can someone point us to local organizations, including churches, that may be seeking and/or coordinating volunteer efforts?

  8. Our vacation for Sept 7th through 19th was canceled.
    Airlines ( United) returned our full airfare. Our condo owner ERIC also paid us back Our money. vrbo was great.
    We will book Hawaii end of 2024.

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