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115 Hawaii Flights Delayed Saturday As Airline Cancellations Rocket

The best response for the reason behind cancelled or delayed fights came from Delta Airlines.

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30 thoughts on “115 Hawaii Flights Delayed Saturday As Airline Cancellations Rocket”

  1. I’ve been driving Uber part-time. I picked up several rides this weekend with passengers whose flights came from another Island and were delayed on Kauai by 5 hours (don’t know if it was planned or unplanned, but the first time I’d heard it). So they caught an Uber and enjoyed an ocean-side dinner, then came back. I thought it was a smart way to deal with the frustration.

  2. Please remove Covid as the cause. It is now coronavirus. Do the research and report the correct virus.

  3. My son is flying back from Kona to Honolulu tomorrow. His concert why there so many flied cancel. Thank you

    1. I plan to be moving to Hawaii Maui as a matter of fact and I have a small dog it’s a chihuahua and it’s in my emotionally support dog so what are the qualifications for me to be able to take my dog with me to live in Hawaii or is there any can you get back to me on this I’d appreciate it

  4. I do hope this gets ironed soon because the cancelations will add to an already stressful situation. Just please everyone have some patience and understanding.

  5. Our 12:40 PM flight from Honolulu to Long Beach, California on Southwest went off on time. An excellent, smooth ride on the 737Max8! Kudos to Southwest!!!

  6. Had zero problems leaving Ontario, California to Las Vegas then Las Vegas to Southbend Indiana. Airport security was a breeze.


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