Delta Air Lines Doubles Down On Hawaii

Epic 1,371 Hawaii Flights Delayed Or Cancelled In Travel Collapse

We’ve been hearing from many of you about the unprecedented number of Hawaii flight delays and cancellations so far this week. Both in comments, from friends, and others. One friend exclaimed, “Hawaiian Airlines has dropped the ball every day this week so far.” Another used words we won’t quote to describe their frustration.

Digging deeper, we found that the problems have rocketed to a new level. According to flight tracking service FlightAware, on Monday and Tuesday, there were 1,199 Hawaii flights delayed and 172 Hawaii flights canceled entirely. And it is too early to know how today will shake out, but it isn’t looking much better based on the image below.

Hawaii Flight Delays

The problems are partly due to the freakish Kona storm that swept through the islands on Sunday and Monday, the ongoing Honolulu runway outage, bad weather this week on the mainland, staffing shortages, and other largely inexplicable reasons. Delays and cancellations also led to enormous baggage handling issues that are still being sorted out today.

Hawaiian Airlines experienced by far the most cancellations and delays, as would be expected with the sheer number of flights they operate in the islands. For example, Monday’s delayed and canceled Hawaiian flights at Honolulu Airport represented 77% of their total flights.

Hawaiian Airlines travel waiver issued.

Hawaiian Airlines didn’t specifically mention Hawaii’s storm in their statement. Instead, they said that the problem and their offer are “Due to the convergence of operational disruptions and inclement weather on the mainland.”

Hawaiian is offering those with mainland or interisland flights through December 25 the ability to change flights without any fee or fare difference. Just rebook or cancel by December 25. Guests must call or live chat on the Hawaiian website to obtain the waiver offer.

Update: We are receiving reports from readers that the Hawaiian Airlines Call Center in the Philippines does not seem to be in sync yet with the situation and travel waiver.

172 Hawaii Flights were canceled Monday and Tuesday.

Monday’s 73 Hawaii Flight cancellations

  • Honolulu: 26 Hawaiian Airlines, 5 Southwest Airlines, 1 Delta Airlines
  • Maui: 16 Hawaiian Airlines, 4 Southwest Airlines, 2 Air Canada, 1 Alaska Airlines
  • Lihue: 6 Hawaiian Airlines, 1 Alaska Airlines, 1 Southwest Airlines
  • Kona: 6 Hawaiian Airlines
  • Hilo: 4 Hawaiian Airlines

Tuesday’s 99 Hawaii Flight Cancelations 

  • Honolulu: 40 Hawaiian Airlines, 2 Southwest Airlines, 1 United Airlines, 1 Air Canada, 1 Westjet Airlines
  • Maui: 21 Hawaiian Airlines, 2 Southwest Airlines, 1 Westjet Airlines
  • Lihue: 14 Hawaiian Airlines
  • Kona: 8 Hawaiian Airlines, 1 Westjet Airlines
  • Hilo: 7 Hawaiian Airlines

1,199 Hawaii Flights delayed Monday and Tuesday.

Monday’s 680 Hawaii flight delays (arrivals and departures)

  • Honolulu (333): 163 Hawaiian Airlines, 59 Southwest Airlines, 14 Delta Airlines, 4 Air Canada, 18 Alaska Airlines, 27 Mokulele Airlines, 29 United Airlines, 5 Westjet Airlines, 14 American Airlines
  • Maui (166): 77 Hawaiian Airlines, 21 Southwest Airlines, 1 Air Canada, 15 Alaska Airlines, 4 Westjet Airlines, 7 Delta Airlines, 22 Mokulele Airlines, 13 United Airlines, 6 American Airlines
  • Lihue (60): 37 Hawaiian Airlines, 6 Alaska Airlines, 13 Southwest Airlines, 1 Delta Airlines, 3 United Airlines
  • Kona (87): 42 Hawaiian Airlines, 1 Westjet Airlines, 7 Alaska Airlines, 2 Delta Airlines, 6 Mokulele Airlines, 17 Southwest Airlines, 5 United Airlines, 4 American Airlines, 3 Air Canada
  • Hilo (34): 23 Hawaiian Airlines, 3 Mokulele Airlines, 8 Southwest Airlines

Tuesday’s 519 Hawaii flight delays (arrivals and departures)

  • Honolulu (235): 126 Hawaiian Airlines, 52 Southwest Airlines, 17 United Airlines, 2 Air Canada, 4 Westjet Airlines, 12 Alaska Airlines, 8 Delta Airlines, 12 Mokulele Airlines, 2 American Airlines
  • Maui (136): 65 Hawaiian Airlines, 20 Southwest Airlines, 2 Westjet Airlines, 12 Alaska Airlines, 5 Delta Airlines, 15 Mokulele Airlines, 6 United Airlines, 7 American Airlines, 4 Air Canada
  • Lihue (52): 26 Hawaiian Airlines, 1 American Airlines, 6 Alaska Airlines, 1 Delta Airlines, 13 Southwest Airlines, 4 United Airlines, 1 Westjet Airlines
  • Kona (66): 32 Hawaiian Airlines, 2 Westjet Airlines, 9 Alaska Airlines, 6 Mokulele Airlines, 11 Southwest Airlines, 4 United Airlines, 2 American Airlines
  • Hilo (30): 18 Hawaiian Airlines, 4 Mokulele Airlines, 8 Southwest Airlines

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26 thoughts on “Epic 1,371 Hawaii Flights Delayed Or Cancelled In Travel Collapse”

  1. Please be grateful for these delays and cancellations. Our Monday flight was delayed 2 hours but Not cancelled due to the storm leading to the scariest flight of our lives. The lightning was right next to the wing and the plan kept doing free falls out of the sky. This was a flight from Honolulu to LAX at the same time as the Arizona flight going the other way with all the injuries. I have never heard an entire plane of people scream like that. We thought we were going to plummet into the ocean and die.

    1. So sorry! For that reason I will Never fly to Hawaii on a single aisle plane. Flew to HI on a bouncy Alaska flight a few years ago…terrifying!! I don’t care what it costs, I will only fly Hawaiian 2 aisle planes, never drink more than a glass or two of water, never use restroom, always are seat belted.

  2. We received the alert from Hawaiian (currently on Maui departing 12/23) and the overseas call center couldn’t help with the waiver option. We would have changed the flights but the text bot also couldn’t help. I don’t understand why Hawaiian would suggest using a waiver but not create a FAQ for their call center or update their bots.

    1. Some people would say that “Hawaiian Airlines” has a Special Way of showing how much they care about their passengers, others would say that HAL Doesn’t Care! That’s what Brand Loyalty gets you.

    2. Maybe, Possibly, the person that is supposed to initiate the change is on Christmas Vacation and no one else can Authorize it. Maybe they called off because of too much Snow in Hawaii. Possibly the Overseas Call Center Boss got the order and thought that it was a Joke, Hawaiian wouldn’t Ever Authorize something like this He Thought!

  3. The islands were opened too soon for tourism to return and this is a shame because at the end of the day….the ones that suffer are the tourists! Shame on the HTA, HVCB and the Hawaii Goverment for allowing this to happen. I guess Greed got to them!!!!

    Hawaii needs to limit flights into the islands and give better customer service otherwise, we will just be like any other destination like Cancun, Florida. Learn from the French on how they sell Tahiti and their islands or how Singapore market their tourism! Also, Hawaii needs to be made that in reality, if you have the money, you come to Hawaii if you don’t….You Don’t Come To Hawai’i!

    1. I admit that I haven’t been Everywhere. That said, whether Florida, Mexico, That Dominican Republic and other Caribbean Destinations, the West Indies, or even Flying Back to Philadelphia, JFK, Newark, Chicago they All beat this Hawaiian Islands Joke. The Busiest Airports in the World have Less Problems and Better Considerations for Tourists and Travelers alike compared to Hawaii.

  4. Thats the reason I will never fly hawaiian air again. To try to speak to someone that understands situations is a joke. All calls go to the phillipines and there english is horrible and they have no clue understanding anything.
    Hawaiian needs there call center in america !!!!!!
    Alaska air does !!!

    1. What ceases to amaze me is that they teach English as a 2nd language in the Philippines and most are quite proficient. Does Hawaiian search for the people who have overwhelming problems with English and hire them? It certainly seems like it. Another Constant and Consistent Failure for Hawaiian and they Can’t say that they don’t know about it. HAL, Caring for their passengers!


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