Act Fast: Save 16% on All Southwest Hawaii Flights – Ends Soon!

Act Fast: Save 16% on All Southwest Hawaii Flights – Ends Soon!

One way to maximize your Hawaii travel savings is to buy a Costco Southwest Airlines gift card. Through May 5, a special offer will save you bucks. You don’t even have to leave your home to get one. This sale arose as competition between Sams Club and Costco heated up on these gift cards.

Costco has partnered with Southwest Airlines and is currently offering a significant discount on their travel gift cards – which is a perfect way to save on your next trip to Hawaii if you act soon. The endless allure of tropical beaches and Hawaiian sunsets still beckons, and savvy travelers have a new opportunity to stretch this summer’s vacation budget a little further.

The Southwest Hawaii Deal

For a limited time, shoppers can purchase Southwest Airlines gift cards valued at $500 for just $419.99. This 16% discount presents an excellent opportunity for visitors planning a Hawaiian getaway.

Why choose Southwest for your Hawaii trip?

Southwest Airlines offers extensive services to four Hawaiian islands, including Honolulu, Maui, Kona, and Lihue. With two free checked bags, no change fees, and a customer-friendly cancellation policy, Southwest remains one of the top choices for travelers seeking flexibility and value on Hawaii flights.

How to take advantage of this fast-expiring offer ending May 5.

Visit your local Costco warehouse to purchase the gift cards or purchase them online. You can buy up to 5 gift cards in the same transaction. If you purchase online, the gift card will be sent by email to you.

Act swiftly, as deals like this could end at any time, and availability will definitely end by tomorrow night. Once purchased, the gift cards can be easily applied towards flight bookings through Southwest’s website, making it straightforward to plan your dream vacation whenever works for you.

How to use Hawaii travel gift cards for maximum benefit.

Consider pairing your gift card purchase with another Southwest Hawaii sale or promotion. By timing your booking during these offers, you can further amplify your savings.

We suggest that It is always best to have your travel plans in mind before tying up your money on Southwest travel gift cards or any other similar cards.

Now plan Your Hawaii Adventure!

Whether you’re exploring the vibrant marine life of Maui, enjoying the historical and city sights of Honolulu, or relaxing on the pristine beaches of Kauai, Hawaii offers an unmatched array of attractions. With the extra savings from this Costco gift card, you can have some money left over to help defray high accommodation costs or otherwise upgrade your Hawaii experience—perhaps splurge on a helicopter tour or a special dinner.

Remember,, the journey to Hawaii is not just about the destination but also the journey itself. This brief deal helps make the journey just a bit less painful.

Do you buy Hawaii travel gift cards? Are you going to take advantage of this Southwest offer?

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8 thoughts on “Act Fast: Save 16% on All Southwest Hawaii Flights – Ends Soon!”

  1. Thanks for the Southwest Costco Card 16% discount information. We buy them a lot because every bit of savings makes travel more affordable, Hawaii or anywhere else SWA flies.

    The only catch is the BOH article was dated May 5, the offer expired May 5, and the BOH issue with the Card information hit my e-mail after 9:00pm May 5. Why was it published?

    Still love BOH anyway and visiting Oahu June.

    Blue skies!

  2. Shouldn’t your title read Save 16% on airfare where ever Southwest fly’s. These gift cards should be able to be used going to any destination. What if you are traveling from Hawaii to another destination. IMO the purchase is only good with Southwest Airlines. What if your flight gets canceled? How do you rebook after your card has been redeemed? Who refunds your money. Costco or Southwest Airlines. Receipt says purchased at Costco. How does the refund process work? My experience with gift card refunds are that they throw a wrench into the whole transaction process that no one business wants to deal with. You might save 80 bucks to learn you lost 419.. Sorry No Refunds on Gift cards.

  3. We took advantage of this deal for our upcoming trip to Maui. It was well worth it. Without an issues we’ve flown Southwest twice to Hawaii including last year to KOA(Kona). Key was bringing our own snacks and entertainment systems.

  4. I would presume you need to be a Costco member and have an active Paid Membership. 60 or 120 dollar annual fee. Since it is a discounted card are you sure that when used with other Southwest offer that it would fall under the clause. “Not to be used with any other promotions, discounts, offers. ” Promotions also state not to be used with any other discount, coupons,offers,etc. Wouldn’t that be considered a double discount BOH? Gift card discount +promotion discount? Travel vouchers state not valid with any other offer. Wouldn’t Southwest know from the bar code or number that it was purchased at Costco at a discount?

    1. Hi Don.

      This goes into your wallet to be used like cash. Finding a flight on sale is perfectly fine.


      1. Last time I told an airline I had cash they replied want to use miles or credit card only. By the way does anyone use cash anymore or know what cash is? Thanks for responding use like cash. Who accepts cash anymore. Funny thought. Made me laugh. Thanks for showing great Aloha in your response.

  5. I haven’t flew on Southwest for a long time. Not purchasing. No good flights from my hometown without two stops. I have better options and the cost of airfare is minimal compared to there weeks accomodations and meals.

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