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Airbnb Hawaii Getting The Message | Visitors Hate Fees

Airbnb Hawaii vacation rental guests are fed up with fees by any name and want them gone. They make the nightly rate irrelevant. Here’s Airbnb’s less-than-holistic take on the subject.

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19 thoughts on “Airbnb Hawaii Getting The Message | Visitors Hate Fees”

  1. not just Hawaii airbnb but airbnb in general we recently paid high extra fees for 2 weeks in Hawaii and 2 months ago a 2 week stay in Oregon came with a $500 dollar booking fee along with all the other fees. the extra charges with airbnb come close to doubling the nightly rate and its not unique to Hawaii they rob you everywhere, maybe back to staying in hotels

  2. #1-I own an Inn in Utah. I was thinking of going onto Airbnb but when my room was posted the guests pays @$20.00 more per night for the same room that is not in Airbnb so my guest pays @$20.00 More for the privilege of booking a room on Airbnb. I erased my info from their site.
    #2- Think about the extra fees for cleaning, parking, cleaning the house, doing laundry. Why are you staying there!!
    #3- if people are gullible enough to pay these fess and then complain about then, that’s their fault.
    I Refuse to use Airbnb or Airbnb. I look on the sites to find a place to say then Google the place to deal directly with them..


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