Bathtub Murder Spawns Hawaii Luxury Real Estate Discount

While an accused Hawaii visitor awaits trial later this month for a grotesque murder in Honolulu earlier this year, the now infamous luxury property where it happened just hit the Hawaii real estate market with what appears to be a big mark-down. The location is within the gated community that’s among Hawaii’s most exclusive, Hawaii Loa Ridge.

The price of the 357 Lelekepue Place home is a mere $2,495,000, one of the lowest for that elite neighborhood. By comparison, the Zillow Zestimate for the property is $2,905,000. Other properties in the neighborhood are generally listed at the Zillow value. The discount may be based on it being the residence where a hideous and now-famous crime took place; the murder of Gary Ruby. The crime now has to be disclosed to the potential buyers (as if it is any secret at this point).

Heidi Bertucci at Corcoran Pacific Properties has the listing. She is the same realtor who once sold the property to the deceased resident. Bertucci said the property received a true Hawaiian blessing before being listed for sale.

Real problems happen in Hawaii.

For so many, Hawaii is an escape from everyday life. But sometimes, problems can follow you here as well. A case in point is this tragic murder at the hands of a Hawaii visitor in this most exclusive of gated communities.

The 73-year-old man was murdered by his visitor lover, who first strangled him, then placed him in a bathtub, pouring concrete and coffee grounds over the body, albeit not completely. That bathtub has, of course, since been replaced.

The accused poorly tried to make it look like it was suicide. The incident occurred in Hawaii Loa Ridge, a high-end, gated, and exclusive neighborhood. It’s located in East Honolulu, with its own security, parks, tennis courts, and clubhouse.

“Luxury living at its finest…” Hawaii Loa Ridge.

The community website boasts 557 homes perched on Oahu’s south shore in the Koolau Mountains’ foothills. “Properties have incredible panoramic views of East Oahu and over the Pacific Ocean… Hawaii Loa Ridge was conceived specifically for those who demand the ultimate in exclusive living.” Hawaii Loa Ridge properties currently for sale are valued at up to $27M.

The notorious murder that shook a community.

You may recall that after police excavated Gary’s body, they found the accused, Juan Baron, hiding in the crawlspace of a bus bound from Southern California to Mexico.

The police affidavit said, “Baron stated that soon after, he noticed Ruby choked on food, and Baron reacted by placing a belt around Ruby’s neck and tightening the belt until Ruby lost consciousness.” The victim was taken to the bathroom, where a kitchen knife was somehow used to stage the event to appear as a suicide.

The body wasn’t obscured within the concrete, even with the use of coffee grounds and concrete to attempt to conceal the body and the smell. Police said, “While at home, detectives observed that there was a bathroom tub filled with a concrete substance.” In addition to the alleged murder, the accused is said to have forged documents to claim ownership of a new Audi and was in the planning process to transfer the home’s title to him. Ruby paid $2.2M for the home in 2002.

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4 thoughts on “Bathtub Murder Spawns Hawaii Luxury Real Estate Discount”

  1. The Concrete gives the love nest a little twist. $2.249MM for a Movie of the week Murder Mystery doesn’t seem like too much of a discount. Unless someone is looking for that type of house I believe that the Seller will be happy to eek out $1.8MM. It’s definitely a Buyer’s Market Property, maybe it will move quickly at the lower than listed price. Hawaii may be a Hot Market for Real Estate but Murder really Drags Things Down! The Hawaiian Blessing was a nice touch,

  2. That property sounds much like the property on the hillside overlooking Poipu, not all that long ago it was all cane fields. Could it be there’s just too much of that kind of property? What a debacle of a story.

  3. This is very close to our old house and just goes to show you that the price of your house doesn’t guarantee you’ll be free of crime. What a story!

    1. Some of the more enduring and truly famous, or you might say infamous, Murders have involved the Rich and, sometimes, famous. The truly Wealthy rarely become involved in these situations, they are well “insulated ” and know everyone of importance. At least they have the person of interest in custody and hopefully can reward Him for his Efforts!

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