Hawaii's Slower Holiday Season Beckons Savvy Travelers

Big Shift As Hawaii Tourism Boom Crushes Neighbor Islands +21%

State visitor data, the TSA, and airlines concur with what we see on the ground. Neighbor island tourism is booming again.

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44 thoughts on “Big Shift As Hawaii Tourism Boom Crushes Neighbor Islands +21%”

  1. I only just read this article even though it was printed/posted almost a year ago and find that those problems listed (staff shortages, modified hours of operations, long wait times, etc.) are prevalent still today! I’ve pretty much accepted these changes as the “new norm” and have modified my expectations but what I cannot accept is the extremely bad customer service one can receive from some of these businesses; very disappointing! ☹️

  2. We live half time in Hawaii Island. In addition to much greater traffic volume we are seeing crowded beaches in places with no administrative oversight, very high parking fees that discourage people from parking in Kailua town, erratic hours and No Bathrooms. Even places like McDonalds have simply said drive-through only so there is no bathroom access. This is an artifact of covid that needs to be rectified.

  3. Hi Kim B, I do understand the facts surrounding this issue,it’s Not easily solved as you make it sound. Many Residents have been renting their homes for short term rentals illegally, no intentions of selling or renting at reasonable rates. A Family Member bought his house in Kahala 20 years ago as a part time vacation home up to 3 months and a rental the balance. It’s totally unaffordable as a monthly or for a normal purchase. Laws have developed to where Renting has become Unaffordable for the owners doing it legally yet some still try. Ask Your Elected Officials where the money is going that could have helped with this problem, why You’re All suffering! Get Them to Answer Your Questions, Don’t let Them get back to You as They Won’t!


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