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Breaking | 272 Flights Delayed | Hawaii Airports

We were shocked to find that 152 flights were delayed into and out of Hawaii Monday, as reported by the flight-tracking service FlightAware. And on Sunday, they reported that there were 122 delayed Hawaii flights. It’s too early to see how many will be delayed again today, but we do see some starting to be listed as of this morning.

This isn’t really something we expect here in Hawaii, where good weather year-round helps reduce delays. Of the total delays on Sunday and Monday, Hawaiian had 41% of the delays (94 flights) while Southwest had 40% (92 flights). See what’s causing airline flight today’s below.

Breaking | 272 Flights Delayed | Hawaii Airports

84 Honolulu Flight Delays June 13

2 Amerian Airlines
3 Alaska Airlines
1 Delta Airlines
39 Hawaiian Airlines
27 Southwest
12 United

50 Maui Flight Delays June 13

3 United
2 American Airlines
3 Delta Airlines
19 Hawaiian Airlines
19 Southwest
2 Westjet
1 Air Canada
1 Alaska Airlines

18 Kona Flight Delays June 13

1 American Airlines
2 Alaska Airlines
7 Hawaiian Airlines
8 Southwest

Additionally, Sunday had multiple flight cancelations in addition to 122 delays at Hawaii airports:

71 Honolulu Flight Delays June 12

2 Air Canada
1 Alaska Airlines
2 american
2 Delta
31 Hawaiian Airlines
25 Southwest
7 United
2 WestJet

36 Maui Flight Delays June 12

11 Southwest
1  American Airlines
1 Air Canada
4 Alaska Airlines
17 Hawaiian Airlines
2 United

13 Lihue Flight Delays June 12

6 Southwest
6 Hawaiian Airlines
1 American Airlines

The previous spate of Hawaii flight delays occurred during the Memorial Day weekend. Read below for Delta’s response. We were again caught off-guard by the sheer number of delays.

What is causing so many Hawaii flight delays?

We saw last week’s opinion letter by the president of the Air Line Pilots Association, International, which represents more than 64,000 pilots who fly for 38 airlines in the United States and Canada. Published in USAToday, they said, of airline flight delays nationally, “airline mismanagement has left many travelers’ flights delayed and even canceled – and the situation is likely to get worse this summer.”

We’re scratching our heads and reached out yesterday to Hawaiian Airlines, but have received no response thus far. The best answer we had regarding nationwide Memorial Day weekend delays came from Delta Airlines:

“More than any time in our history, the various factors currently impacting our operation — weather and air traffic control, vendor staffing, increased COVID case rates contributing to higher-than-planned unscheduled absences in some work groups — are resulting in an operation that isn’t consistently up to the standards Delta has set for the industry in recent years.”

Have you experienced a Hawaii flight delay recently?

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33 thoughts on “Breaking | 272 Flights Delayed | Hawaii Airports”

  1. Airlines are notorious for poor customer service. They all lie about the reason for delays and cancelled flights. United in particular is bad. Cancelled my flight for a bogus reason. And delayed my girlfriends flight for 6 hours and never bothered to explain why.
    Something needs done to regulate the airlines, particularly when it comes to customer service and telling the truth.

  2. Simple, airlines in particular are greedily chasing those dollars they lost during covid. Flights are scheduled now when there is little or no allowance for the “human factor”, whether due to health, physical limitations, contract limitations or simple change in work ethic. From the restart too many flights were rolled out. Simply schedule the flights you Know you can handle, not what some bean counter Thinks they can handle. You are going to have pilots, flight attendants, ops agents, gate agents, baggage handlers, etc actually get sick a little more often than before (we have new bugs to contend with). You are going to have more staff with fatigue, then there’s work ethic. we gave the world a year+ off & now the mindset has changed.

  3. Good to know, does this also happen to inter-island. Having just recovered from Covid-19, it has been increasingly common to hear of others who have gotten this, it is extremely contagious, it’s not surprising. Thank you for this info!

  4. A state who’s transportation department flag is a massive 666? Say it isn’t so. Damn thing is flying at every Hawaiian airport. I just left Hawaii after living there for years. Enjoy the new facial recognition systems at all the airports. Just flew back and forth via crap United that pushed the clotshot and had nothing but delays flying in and out of Denver to Honolulu.

    1. I fly SW almost weekly.
      In the past year with over 100 flights I had one morning flight canceled and rebooked later in the day.
      I had two flights cancled and I was on the third flight out. 3 hour delay and i have had a number of flights leave later that booked.
      Really a small percentage considering.
      With numerous flight to Calif, Texas, Fla., Colorado, New Orleans, and Hawaii.
      I don’t know why not fly SW.

  5. Our 531 flight on Alaska Air from LAX to HNL was on time bur we sat on the tarmac at HNL for at least 1.5 hours waiting for the gate/jetway to become available so we could disembark. They told us it was a lack of staffing.

    1. All goes back to Vaccination Mandates and Governor Ige taking the Federal $ (other people’s $, that led to the Recession) to have the Service Industry (Hotels, Dining, Retail, Tourism) stay home. They never told anyone again about the 2,000 Hospital, Fire, Police and EMT that were fired for not getting a Vaccination that did nothing to cause immunity to a man made virus! Ditto a 13th Century Mask Mandate.


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