Celebrities on Kauai

Celebrities on Kauai | Bette Midler Property Sells

Bette Midler is one of many stars associated with Kauai as is Mark Zuckerberg whose property is featured above. The Divine Miss M is in the news today as she just sold one of her properties for a handy 1,200% profit. The legendary, award-winning actress and singer sold her Haena Beach acreage for $1.85 million, according to public records.

Midler who hails from Honolulu, sold the 58,000 square foot conservation-zoned parcel to Discovery Land Company, a luxury developer. It is one of multiple properties Bette owns here on Kauai.

Located makai (ocean-side) of the Kuhio Highway nearby the Limahuli Garden in Haena, the land was assessed at $886,000, according to tax records. She purchased the property in 1986 for $150,000.

This property has been in the news before. Back in 2007, Midler paid a $6,500 fine when she “improperly” cut down more than 200 trees and graded the property for a road. The trees were removed without required permits, and the removed plantings were subsequently restored.

Back in 2000, Bette also bought a well-known 1,390 acre parcel adjacent to the Kapaa bypass road $4.5 million. It was previously owned by Amfac Sugar. The land has never been developed, and was apparently purchased in the interest of preserving it.

In 1988, she purchased a $1.5 million property which had been confiscated in a federal drug case. She paid cash for the 38 acres in Kilauea, which included a partially built home and spectacular ocean views.

Star Sighting on Kauai

Other stars and well known people frequently associated with Kauai include the likes of Pierce Brosnan, Ben Stiller, Britney Spears, Charo, Steven Tyler, Julia Roberts, John Travolta, the late Michael Crichton and Mark Zuckerberg.

We’ve run into stars while shopping on island ourselves. Charo was at Longs. Pierce Brosnan was at Macy’s. Bruce Willis got coffee at Starbucks, and John Travolta was at the Hyatt.

Who have you run into in Hawaii?

24 thoughts on “Celebrities on Kauai | Bette Midler Property Sells”

  1. In the late 70’s, while working in our shop, two men walk in and as I recognize one immediately my mind goes totally blank on his well known name. The gentleman, as he was from the golden era, realized my dilemma (my 28yr old eyes must have been in turmoil!), smoothly walked right over to me with a gentle and sincere smile on his face, offered his hand which I took in mine and said, “Louie Nye”.

  2. my family saw Paul Giamatti sitting on a bench at a taco stand near Poipu in 2018. I think he was afraid of being recognized because any time we glanced at him he gave us a challenging death stare. I grew up in the NYC area so celebrity sightings aren’t new to me. We aren’t the type to approach and chat so the stink eye was unnecessary. We just let the man eat his taco in peace. No one else seemed to recognize him. He did look pretty rough. lol

  3. In the late 80’s we ran into Jack Lord at the Safeway on Maui. My Mother idolized him, he let us snap a picture and gave her a hug. She was on cloud 9. We were visiting my Aunt who has resided there for over 40 years. Hoping to see her soon for her 95th birthday!
    Thank you for sharing stories, I enjoy reading all the updates on travel as well.
    What is the best provider traveling from DFW to OGG?

  4. I saw Thanos aka Josh Brolin balancing a beer on a three-legged dog at the Kilauea Fish Market a couple of years ago. Keeping it Kauai-cool, I did not take any photos.

    My wife and I also saw Will Smith and his family maybe 6 or so years ago now at the old Common Grounds in Kilauea.

    Ben Stiller would sometimes be seen biking in decked-out road gear, although it’s been a while since there’s been that sighting.

    Always fun to see someone famous just being a normal human being. Aren’t we all?

  5. Aloha, I ran into Harry Hamlin at Sleeping Giant Grill at The Islander on the Beach Shops in Kapaa

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