Zuckerberg Donates Another $10 M to Prior $50 M to Help Hawaii

Zuckerberg Latest: 600 Acres on Kauai At Larsens Beach

It has been reported in the news and social media that Mark Zuckerberg has purchased 600 more acres on Kauai. The property was apparently sold last month for over $50 million by a local family who trace ownership back to the Kingdom of Hawaii. That brought the Zuckerberg Kauai empire to a total of over 1,300 acres.

The transaction did not include the road which provides Larsen’s beach access. That is open to the public and is owned by the County of Kauai. As you may know, all Hawaii beaches are public.

The latest property is slated to remain undeveloped. There’s a good chance that will actually happen. Consider the land holdings on Kauai by Bette Midler that also remain undeveloped as an example.

57,000 square foot home.

According to county building permits, the Zuckerberg’s have a 57,000 square foot single-family residence with a total of 25 bathrooms on their original property.

With a net worth estimated at $114 billion, Zuckerberg is one of the richest people in the world. That is said to have grown by more than $40 billion in just the past year.

Where on Kauai are Zuckerberg’s properties found.

In his original purchases, the Facebook head acquired 700 acres, which included access to white sand Pilaa Beach, an organic farm, and a prior sugarcane plantation.

The original Pilaa Beach property consisting of 350 acres was acquired for about $50 million. An adjacent 357-acre plantation property that was previously planted in sugarcane was also added. It featured 2,500 feet of oceanfront access plus the organic farm. That cost the social media guru another $66 million.

A few miles to the south of Kilauea, on Kauai’s north shore, turn towards the ocean at the Kilauea Farm sign on N. Wailapa Road. Then drive to the end and turn left on a dirt road that ends at the beach overlook.

At the overlook, you’ll find two trails. The one on the left goes to beautiful Waiakalua Beach. It takes about 10 minutes to reach Waiakalua Beach, whereas the Pilaa trail is about 30 minutes away.

Secondly, Zuckerberg had a lava rock wall built along a portion of his property line on Koolau Road, which you’ll see in this video.


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  1. This latest 600 acre purchase was sold by the Wilcox Corporation, a non profit set up by heirs to the Calvinist Missionary Wilcox who came to Kaua’i in order to convert the Hawaiian “savages” to christianity while stealing their lands.

  2. Should have given him the whole island. Screw the local people!! They don’t deserve anything, only serve the haoles!!

  3. Well with all that land, there is enough space to set aside for the homeless people. How about it Mark?

  4. The deed is on the Bureau of Conveyances now. Waioli President Sam Pratt signed the deed over to Zuckerberg’s company Seven Square Asset Management LLC.
    The deed does mention the Moloa’a Stream but NOT the Lepeuli Stream, which is on the 2017 Esaki certified shoreline survey map that was signed and approved by Suzanne Case, BLNR Chairperson. For years the Wilcox people, who created their non-profit Waioli Corporation that owned the land, denied there was ever a stream there.
    They also deny the STATE OWNED historic ala loa trail that runs parallel to the coast from Moloa’a to Pila’a. This is the gentle dirt path some refer to. The trail was never owned by Waioli and will never be owned by Zuckerberg because it is a state owned trail. It was a kingdom trail before that. Waioli was officially notified of the state ownership of the trail in 2000. This state trail continues north all through Zuckerberg’s other properties at Waipake and Pila’a. the state, DLNR, is doing nothing to enforce our public access rights here which we do have.

    1. Uh… is anyone restricting your public access rights to this property? You certainly don’t mention that in your post. So… if not… what’s your actual complaint here–or your point?

  5. Wow 25 bathrooms these are the same people that tell us to conserve and talk about climate change how much water and power dose he use.And how much dose he pay his staff to clean this big single-family house and 25 toilets.wounder if he has ever helped the Hawaiian people or donated to the Hawaiian inheritance housing project. The rich always seem to take the prime land .so sad and wasteful greed .I do not do Facebook im not going to make some guy richer….Mahalo

    1. Price should’ve Home way up on the adjacent land to what he has already purchased. Why don’t these people realize that? 600 acres for $50M seems cheap, especially on an island with limited acreage. Honestly, Hawaii is beautiful. Excellent choice on where to buy. Who wouldn’t buy there if they could afford it?

      1. A lot of people who can afford to buy in Hawaii don’t… because the counties and state government are a nightmare. So poorly run… by such ignorant people. High taxes on everything. Not to mention it takes 6 hrs in a plane–minimum–to come and go. And then add the completely unnecessary and retarded quarantine on top of that. Oh, and then you have the inbred, moronic locals who destroy everything… steal and burn cars everywhere… dump their trash everywhere… don’t work… complain about how the white man stole their sacred land… etc, etc, etc. Lots of reasons for smart, rich people to buy elsewhere.

        1. “Inbred, moronic locals who destroy everything”?
          What a horrible thing to say about the Hawaiian people who love the ‘aina and are trying to take care of it.

          I don’t think you belong on this page.

          1. Nancy, X isn’t talking about the nice residents who have a love for the islands.

            He’s talking about the same meth using morons that I have to run off my business property daily who are destroying the islands, our rivers, nature areas and parks in this country.

            I’m hosing off human waste daily from these animals. In 27 years of being in business I’ve never seen anything like this.

          2. Richard, I know there is a meth problem in Hawai’i, like everywhere else, but he used a broad brush to paint a large group of people when only a small number of them have a drug issue. That was offensive and incorrect.
            I am sorry for the mess you are having to deal with.

          3. Yes Nancy. I completely agree.

            Hawaii was taken over no one seems to remember who did what to who. History people..history. Think about it people. WHO did WHAT to WHO.

            Zuckerberg hopefully understands that greed does not belong on the islands. Yes he had better be accountable for the 25 bathrooms…but we know differently.

            The most humble, kind, simple, decent people that I have ever lived with, have been the folks from the islands, the Aloha, the real people.

    2. How exactly is it “wasteful greed” for a person to buy land from ANOTHER person who owns that land–and not develop it–keep it wild? Please, explain the wasteful greed here. As far as you know, the house with all of those bathrooms was there when he bought it. And either there are 25+ people using those bathrooms–so they’re necessary (staff, family, visitors, etc)–or only a few are being used–in which case, the rest aren’t using any water or creating any sewage… right? It’s so sad that so many people are so jealous they have to hate anyone who has more than they do–no matter how hard they worked for it.

      1. Well lets see, millions are out of work deep in debt and here comes rich guy who by himself earned about 30 billion dollars over the last year alone. Cracks me up the people that non stop protect the rich. Whats in it for you? PS has nothing to do with jealously

        1. like X said… jealous people..

          “Aww, someone worked harder, did better, studied harder, and overall isn’t a lazy fool…. They should have more than me”

          1. Ok Sean so rich people should be able to buy up local land anywhere and kick locals off of it? This has been happening for many many years. Mark is stealing peoples data and money and this is how he got rich not by working hard. We should give ALL the land back to the locals

          2. The cold hard reality is that Mr Zuckerberg became wealthy by creating an application for the absolute monitoring of an entire populace entirely designed for the purpose of learning the living , and purchasing habits of the populace thru unprecedented spying and surveillance techniques in the guise of a social tool for networking with friends and family.

            This guy has built his fortune on deceit and manipulation.

            Is is such a surprise that he is doing what he is doing now?

      2. Freedom of expression on how a person feels or reacts to another is their business. What is sad is when people hate other people because they think they’re jealous of another person. Is your business what other people think? Like your comment is your right to say whatever as much as my right to say whatever back to whomever. IMO goes both ways, as why so good.😹🤙

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