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Facebook’s Zuckerberg Provides Over $4M to Help Kauai

Starting today, Kauai businesses can apply to take advantage of a $4,200,000 donation made by Facebook’s Zuckerberg to help Kauai. The money is being donated by Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan via their Hawaii Community Foundation fund.

Up to 200 employers and 400 employees stand to benefit from the Rise to Work program, designed to help bring people back to work. This will connect displaced workers with temporary jobs at local employers. Participants in the program receive weekly pay and free health insurance benefits in a program funded for 12 weeks.

Last April, Zuckerberg also donated 1 Million to help three Kauai organizations: Wilcox Medical Center in Lihue, the Hawaii Community Foundation, and Aina Hookupu O Kilauea.

Zuckerberg ongoing Kauai estate controversy with a nod to Gilligan’s Island.

As you may recall, in 2019, four small properties of Zuckerberg’s Kauai estate were sold to a retired UH professor for over $2M in a bizarre bidding war. While zoned for up to 80 homes, the property, to our knowledge, has only a two-bedroom, 6,100 square foot home together with 2,500 feet of white sand beach. They also began the process to control the small “kuleana lands” contained within the 700 acres. Those were wanted to secure privacy and access.

In that otherwise bad situation, we are reminded of Gilligan’s Island, which we recently wrote about and was in part filmed here on Kauai. One story featured a stranded professor and the millionaire. This one was about the billionaire.

But since then, the family has supported Kauai and its people to show they want to be good community partners.

Beat of Hawaii photo showing the secluded beach on the Zuckerberg estate.

11 thoughts on “Facebook’s Zuckerberg Provides Over $4M to Help Kauai”

    1. Yep, don’t think this guy doesn’t have a altier motive. Like buying up every inch of ground on Kauai that he can.

  1. Glad to hear Kauai’s businesses are given opportunity for some financial recovery with donations from Zuckerbergs.
    Would love to return to this beautiful island. Vers

  2. Very kind of him, but don’t trust him. Just because he throws money at you doesn’t make him a good neighbor.

    1. To me it is like someone you do not agree with, or may not like or trust, but they still put money in the same collection box as me at church services, both are accepted. If Zuckerberg has any other intentions than helping, good. If other intentions, shame on him. I am willing to give him the benefit of doubt.

  3. Kauai can use the money. Zuckerberg doesn’t need the attention, nor the money. “Never look a gift horse in the mouth.”

  4. That’s very kind of Mr Zuckerberg.

    Considering the fact that he could have done nothing.

    Yep, that’s all I have to say about that.

  5. Why did Mr Money bags use the money to add a new wing to the hospital with naming rights. Call it Zuckerberg Medical Center.

    1. Dang spell check. Should have read, Why didn’t Mr Money bags use the money to add a new wing to the hospital with naming rights. Call it Zuckerberg Medical Center.

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