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Mark Zuckerberg House on Kauai at Pila`a Beach

With the upcoming Mark Zuckerberg house on Kauai, and his buying two enormous parcels of land for a private Kauai beach getaway, we took off to report to you on what that’s about.

Following his very public visit to Kauai recently, the Mark Zuckerberg house on Kauai apparently will be a reality. The head of Facebook has acquired a total of 700 acres including the following: (1) access to the white sand Pila`a Beach pictured above, (2) an organic farm and (3) a prior sugarcane plantation.

The first 350 acre property fronts pristine and remote Pila`a Beach for which he paid nearly $50 million. The adjacent Kahu`aina Plantation property consists of 357 acres previously planted in sugarcane. This features 2,500 feet of oceanfront access and an organic farm. It was reportedly sold for approximately $66 million and had been zoned for 80 homes. According to sources, Zuckerberg plans only to build his estate.

Where on Kauai are these properties located and how do you get to Pila`a Beach?

We headed out to let you know. Pack some hiking boots for the trail or take our shorter version and see the featured view above of Pila`a Beach. Zuckerberg may not know this yet, but all Hawaii beaches are public.

A few miles south of Kilauea town, turn makai (towards the ocean) where you see the Kilauea Farm sign on N. Wailapa Road. You’ll drive to the end and then turn left on the dirt road that ends at the beach overlook. Only two cars were parked the day we visited so make sure your belongings are in the trunk for safety.

At the overlook there are two trails. The easier one to the left goes to spectacular Waiakalua Beach. It’s steep but not as much as the trail is to Pila`a Beach. Allow 10 minutes to reach Waiakalua Beach and 30 minutes on the Pila`a Beach trail.

Short on time? Walk a short distance on the Waiakalua trail and you can see our view of Pila`a Beach.

Our Recommendation – Skip the trail to Pila`a and go instead to Waiakalua Beach. This is a great place to snorkel in summer. During the year, the beach is seldom used and provides wonderful moments of relaxation.

As you leave and drive back to the highway, stop at the coconut and fruit stand for some great buys.




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  1. Directionally, you would turn makai on N. Waiakalua Road, not N. Wailapa Road, to get to dirt road leading to the overlook.

  2. It must be noted that all of the mentioned beaches on the North Shore of Kauai are treacherous in the winter, especially when the surf is up and should be visited for swimming only by true experts, preferably with fins or by skilled surfers. There are drownings on the North Shore of Kauai every winter because of ignorance to ocean conditions. Also, be aware that the path down to Waiakalua Beach is very steep.

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