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488 thoughts on “Infamous Coco Palms Kauai | Why It Just Won’t End”

  1. I was here, in 1979. I was 21 or 22. The last place, on my vacation tour, of all 4 Islands. I loved Coco Palms, so much! The landscape and I remember the sink, was made out of a real seashell. It was awesome and beautiful! Coco Palms, always in my heart! Miss you!

  2. If we are talking about solutions which will be tenable in the future, then they have to include financial sustainability. That’s just reality. A new Coco Palms back from the highway with level II bridge across the highway to the beach is just one possibility.

    If Zuckerberg is asked to step up, it will have to be for the purchase price And whatever the projected cost of construction and sustainability for at least 20 or more years. My guess is a minimum of $250K but more like $500K and asking for half a billion dollars is a bigger request than we talked about here before.

    1. I’m very confused by the previous poster, MJ, referring to a “guess” of 250 thousand dollars (250K) to 500 thousand dollars (500K) for something or other. And then in the next sentence something about 500 billion dollars. What in the heck was that about?
      Just for perspective, the difference between 500K and 500MM in minutes, for example, is enormous. 500K minutes is 24 days. 500MM minutes is 65 Years. So…what exactly was MJ trying to say about a one thousand fold difference in dollar amounts?

  3. Mark Zuckerberg could improve his reputation on the island if he bought it (he has plenty of money while many islanders struggle to find affordable housing). He could donate the land to native Hawaiians, pay for appropriate demolition and convert the area into a cultural site that is designed and approved by elders. Another hotel just seems wrong now.

    This would be a win for Zuck, future tourists and the people of Hawaii.

  4. If Zuck could just buy it, turn it into a park and name it after himself, I don’t think anybody on the island would complain. In fact, I think it would earn him some big respect. Who wouldn’t put their name on something like that? Win/Win.

    1. We stayed at the Coco Palm in the late 1970’s. Today, I’m still enamored by the conch shell sink in our room. I have a joyous memory of finding a coconut and struggling to open it on the grounds, amonst the hundreds of coconut trees.

      I am deeply saddened to hear the hotel has fallen and will not be resurrected into its former glorious self. Much as we too have fallen, far from our beautiful, youthful selves. Grief is what we now share in knowing what the following generations will never know and experience. Aloha

      1. I share your memories of visiting the Cocoa Palms in the early 70s as a gifted 2nd honeymoon. The grounds were so beautiful and lush. I also recall \ a Torch Ceremony, audience participation in a Hula show (so much fun) and keeping an eye on the luau preparations of the authentically ground-roasted pig and trying the poi at dinner. Our second island was Maui, and we pedaled the grounds of our hotel along the beach. Now Lahaina is also gone w/the wildfires. I too am beyond sad that no one will again experience that Hawaii.

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