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Coco Palms Permits Revoked | Is This The End?

The Coco Palms Resort Kauai redevelopment plans at long last appear may be over!

We just received an update from I Ola Wailuanui, the community organization that has been opposing the redevelopment. The email states that “The RP’s (revocable permits) granted to Coco Palms Ventures have officially been terminated!”

“This was a crucial first step towards getting those parcels back into the hands of the community. Now comes the next part: convincing the board to award the permits to a community stewardship organization, NOT to some off-island developers. RP 21 thinks they’ll get those permits, but we know the time has come for community management, and we need to make sure the BLNR knows that too.”

The state has been investigating lease and permit violations at Coco Palms. This has been largely at the hands of the state’s Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Officials said earlier this year that “They have conducted site inspections, they are looking through files and documents conferring. I want to make sure that we are coordinated internally — all of the divisions — before a final recommendation is made, but I will assure you that they are timely proceeding on the investigation.”

On April 21 the state sent a default notice to Coco Palms Ventures LLC.

Coco Palms is partly on private property and partly on state-owned parcels for which they had a 65-year lease that started in 1984, according to the DLNR. The developers were sent a notice of default to a now-defunct company, Coco Palms Ventures LLC, in relation to as many as six violations. Those included property tax payments, the destruction of almost 80 famous coconut palms without a permit, the failure to provide annual reports, and the failure to obtain approval for reassigning the lease from the now non-existent entity.

DLNR said earlier this year, “We have a specific provision in our lease that requires that anytime you assign or you transfer the lease, it must be with consent by the Board of Land and Natural Resources.”

[ This post will be updated later with a forthcoming video. ]

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6 thoughts on “Coco Palms Permits Revoked | Is This The End?”

  1. For more information, one may wish to read the article in today’s Garden Island.

  2. I cannot believe this is still going on. Visited this beautiful property on my very first trip to Kauai in the mid 80’s

    1. Hi Roy.

      Yes it seems possible for some new movement to occur. There’s a lot more intriguing backstory to this, which will in time also come out.


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