Breaking: Coco Palms Plans Explode In Emotional Hearing

State Stops Coco Palms Resort With Cease And Desist Order

The future of Coco Palms redevelopment still hangs in limbo. The State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) has issued a cease and desist order against the Utah-based developer’s work on the property. The reason the state alleges this is that unpermitted work is occurring.

Strangely, the owner’s representative said instead that the company was doing Kauai a favor by clearing vegetation on the overgrown property at Kapaa.

Will this put the kibosh on the 350-room resort?

The future of Coco Palms’ development is anything but clear. While the demolition is beginning, the community is outspoken in its attempt to prevent the development for many reasons. The Kauai Council Chairperson said, “The sentiment today from what I’m hearing as I go across this island is completely opposite. No, they don’t want to see a new hotel there.” The degree of community sentiment against the development is overwhelmingly strong.

Multiple sources report that the cease and desist order was issued to the developer, which required an immediate stop to the unpermitted clearing of trees and other vegetation. The developer is allegedly subject to fines of $15,000 per day and has thirty days to respond to the order.

There is so much vaguery about what’s going on in relation to the development company, the state DLNR and the Board of Land and Natural Resources. The DLNR said that the developer is in potential violation of the state land use conservation district. That inasmuch as equipment is being used and vegetation and trees are being removed without the necessary permits.

So many questions remain about Coco Palms.

The developer sees a new Coco Palms Resort rebuilt by 2026. That is without regard to the incredible “Kapaa crawl” traffic, the eroded beach across the highway from the resort, plus a plethora of other concerns, including cultural ones, and staffing issues.

Coco Palms Ventures has brazenly stated that they can import adequate people to Kauai to staff the resort.

The impact of a 350-room hotel at that location is enormous. Also, the location is deemed so culturally and historically important that it should never be developed. Also, the long-postponed development appears based on permits many believe are no longer valid.

One thing is for sure. This is not going to be smooth sailing.

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34 thoughts on “State Stops Coco Palms Resort With Cease And Desist Order”

  1. I guess I am confused. I understand the original developed won the auction to develop the property. If the county of Kauai accepted this money they should know this and know the developer paid the county as does DNLR?

    This if the county no longer agrees they should return the money to the developer. Business is business. When people say they don’t know who owns the land it is great cause for concern.

    I like others would prefer a smaller resort with the retention of the beautiful palms and heritage areas. But getting rid of the eyesore laying in ruins since 1992 would be a welcome sight for many.

    You can’t have it both ways. I would assume any stipulations were put into the deal. The cease amd discist doesn’t make sense.

  2. Why doesn’t the state make it affordable housing for residents instead? It would mean more people could afford to rent there and staff existing tourism and other businesses

    1. State is you and your taxes. Affordable housing is affordable because you the taxpayer paid taxes to subsidize the housing. Does affordable housing units stay clean or fall in to disrepair?
      Business that is trying to make a profit wants to attract customers. Do you shop at an eye sore? Do you feel safe around rundown buildings?

  3. Are you kidding me? This area has been a putrid eyesore on Kauai for the past 30 years, and now that there is some positive momentum, the government wants to shut it down? These are the same government-types that have delivered us Detroit, Oakland, and Gary. Rebuild the beauty of Coco Palms, and allow for an area to teach the cultural and historical importance. The positive tax income will be welcomed as well.

  4. The lively ness of Hawaii is tourists with out it, it would not be as nice a place. Tourists help pay for city works, housing and programs for the vets and homeless ones, with out their taxes Hawaii would be a dump. Since Hawaii is not a auto mfg., Sweat shop, etc.. Let’s be kind to tourists that spend their hard earn dollars in Hawaii’s food service, hotels, and entertainment places. Thank you.

  5. Drove by it several times in October 2022.
    Probably the worst looking old location on the island. Super close to the main road.
    Opinion here is it should be raised and somthing else or even better an affordable hostel for us poorer travelers be put in its place.

    1. I understand the sorry about Matute but that ole eyesore has to go. Maybe a smaller resortwould be better for the locals. In planning a tripa to oahu but not as a tourist but a visitor and to my oldhome pearl city. I hear so much complaining about tourist i think ill go to puertorico i feel welcome when i go there the locales need the work thats why its half the cost there i way really looking forward to going island jumping but theres so many tourist charger high price on everything i have a bug decision to make aloha

      1. There are many beautiful places to visit in the world where tourists are still welcome and the prices are fair for locals and tourists.


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