Confusion And Frustration Emerge As Hawaii Stands Alone On Covid Rules

Controversy, Frustration, Confusion Reign | Hawaii To Stand Alone On Covid

Hawaii’s Governor is rarely without controversy and that continues today.

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122 thoughts on “Controversy, Frustration, Confusion Reign | Hawaii To Stand Alone On Covid”

  1. My wife and I greatly appreciate the mandates and policies in place, which support the general public health, safety, and welfare. We would not visit the islands without them. Let those who choose to wear the masks live in peace, safety, and security. We simply don’t want the virus in our bodies -ever- if we can avoid it. Believe it or not, masks do provide some protection. If you love or care for your family, friends, country, and economy, get vaccinated and boosted. Respect others. Aloha.

    1. Only properly fitted N95 masks fitted by a trained medical specialist may work a little…I know because my brother-in-law runs a major hospital & his sister runs an even bigger one! You can mask and boost yourself forever but eventually a virus is going to virus…. Hawaii needs to develop some common sense and let people choose!

      1. Though true in a hospital setting due close and frequent contact with patients this is not the same for general public. Your picking and choosing information that is misleading. How do I know this I provide Joint Commission and CMS readiness consulting for Queens Health Systems and other hospitals around the country. Masks do work and you can continue to spread misinformation just know its disingenuous.

      2. Nita C that’s akin to Blasphemy! Choice is a grade of beef, not something that can be left to interpretation or even worse, Chance. Governor Ige’s term is nearing an end, unless he runs his Family the same way this is His last chance to order everyone around without ramifications.

  2. I chose Hawaii for my trip this week because Hawaii seems to be taking the pandemic seriously, not despite that.

    I’ll continue wear my mask because I want you to wear yours.

  3. I think sitting back and watching for a few weeks to see what happens when the masks are dropped across the country is a good idea. If covid starts to spike due to crowded Costcos etc. on the mainland we will have avoided another round of spiking cases and tiring out our doctors here in Hawaii. What’s a few more weeks going to matter with this ongoing experiment and learning curve of covid. Much to be gained, nothing really to be lost. Keep the indoor mandates in place please.

  4. We head back to mainland tomorrow. A long last day of maskery (two flights; three airports), then we “lose” them – hopefully for good, since we don’t head back to the island until late April. It’s not just Hawaii, but they are still required for planes and airports. Maybe keep a few in the glove box just in case.

    OT – but this past month has been the best February weather on North Shore Kauai that I can remember. Every day has been gorgeous. But, starting to need some rain.

    1. Hi David.

      Safe travels and return again soon. It is very dry and things are looking quite brown after about two months without virtually any rain. This week that looks to be changing, however.


  5. We just returned from our Kauai visit. My husband and I were both fine with the mandates that are still in place. Totally understandable for an island thousands of miles away from larger hospitals and equipment/supplies. Locals may be tired of it, but visitors are just that, visitors. When in someone else’s home you respect their wishes. I say to those complaining about all the rules, don’t go, your loss for something so simple as wearing a mask indoors! Kauai is an amazingly gorgeous place.

  6. “Follow the science,” and “When we hit 70% vaccination rate we will drop restrictions,” were what Governor Ige promised us.

    We followed the science and did our job getting vaccinated (and boosted). Be a man of your word Mr. Governor. If not, don’t expect your constituents to respect or listen to you any further.

    1. Justin S do you really believe that Ige cares? He’s leaving soon enough and won’t be back as Governor again, be happy for that. I’m just hoping that Ige doesn’t have Presidential aspirations, I can see Hawaiians Voting for Him while saying “who cares, he won’t be our Governor again.” Seriously, believe it.

  7. Wearing a mask would not deter taking a trip to Hawaii. What’s the word? Malama? I frankly think the majority of the country is stupid for relaxing something proven to keep the virus down. And I still remember groups of Japanese and Chinese tourists masking up when visiting Europe back in the 70’s. It is a small courtesy to others that people seem to have taken on as an “Issue.” Seems like they are using it as a contrived excuse to vent their politics and gain personal attention like a child.

    1. “There’s no reason to be walking around in a mask”. Not my words, but the words of Dr. Fauci, a 40-year government epidemiologist coined in March 2020. In my wife and myself experiences, we religiously wore masks and social distance along with the recommended 3 jabs. Guess what. Still got the virus. Unfortunately, the maks are giving people a false sense of security.


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