Airline pulls back on Maui flights due to lack of demand.

Airline Pulls Back on Maui Flights Due to Lack of Demand

One major carrier has just hit pause on service from two of its mainland hubs. Clearly Maui flights are still in flux pending visitors’ return.

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38 thoughts on “Airline Pulls Back on Maui Flights Due to Lack of Demand”

  1. While I am concerned and sad about the fires in Maui, and their current predicament, I’d like to suggest that those who do not feel comfortable going to Maui in the next few months, give another Hawaiian Island a try! Some owners are adjusting their pricing to help make stays more affordable. We love Kauai, and have a place there, but Big Island and Molokai, are also favorites of ours. While you’re waiting to be comfortable returning to Maui, give another island a try. You may fall in love all over again.

  2. We want to return to our condo on the West side of Maui. However, the vibe that we are feeling from the native Hawaiian’s (via press clippings) is that we are not wanted nor welcome. We are respecting their wishes.

  3. It needs to be repeated over and over. There’e a lot of Aloha going on trying to help Maui. It’s being challenged by the conspiracy folks and special interests…even the people that gave us the space laser theories for wildfires are back, as well as the “I don’t care about Hawaii because “the locals don’t want us”, or “how dare they use taxes to try and manage tourism” or for whatever reason other reason they need to spread anger and false realities. Those people are a small minority. There are a lot of good people on Maui doing a lot of good things and the island is still a beautiful slice of paradise. If you need to vent about your personal bias you are kicking people when they are down. Anybody coming to Maui will most definitely find there is still plenty of Aloha to be found. Adversity brings out the best and the worst in people. Very evident in what’s going on now.

  4. I was married on Maui 40 years ago. I love Maui. Please restore Maui to its original state. Please don’t let developers or other wealthy people come in and ruin this beautiful area. I pray for the preservation of island and its native people

  5. I am perplex that the article does not mention the areas of Maui such as Wailea, Kihei etc that are open. I just got back from Maui , Wailea is open and beautiful, now is the time to enjoy a vacation without so many tourist, no need for reservations , great service etc.
    It is very damaging to this areas not to explain that they are fully open.

  6. Looking forward to traveling to Maui in late February. We will be renewing our wedding vows 50 years and counting. Love this place so sad about the loss of life. Excited to help with the rebuilding. Bonnie


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