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$82 Hawaiian Airlines | Maui Visitors Needed Now Sale

Bellwether Hawaiian Airlines is the latest airline to move in support of Maui’s economy following the devastating fires earlier this month. If visitors don’t return to all areas of Maui very soon (except West Maui), there will be a financial catastrophe including shuttered businesses, unemployment and more.

$82 Hawaiian Airlines Visit Maui Sale

Travel dates vary by route and include from September 4 to October 18.

No promo code is required and fares are valid one-way or round-trip.

Book soon as we don’t know how long these fares could last.

Travel on the following routes:

  • Los Angeles to Maui $82 each way. September 20 to October 18.
  • Seattle to Maui $94 each way. September 4 to October 18
  • Oakland to Maui $109. September 4 to October 18.
  • San Francisco to Maui $109. September 4 to October 18.
  • San Diego to Maui $109. September 4 to October 18.
  • San Jose to Maui $109. September 4 to October 18.
  • Portland to Maui $118. September 4 to October 18.

Other cities are higher. Fares are for basic economy in most cases.

Why visit Maui right now?

After visitors heeded the state’s original message to leave and not visit Maui, they have not been returning. That comes as only West Maui is impacted by the Lahaina fire. New messaging from the state is that Maui is open for travel and only West Maui’s 15% of the island is currently off-limits, at least through October 17.

Maui unemployment has soared.

Hawaii’s Department of Labor said that Maui unemployment was running 10 times more than before the fire, and that may be just the beginning.

If visitors don’t return, businesses large and small will be forced to implement layoffs necessary to address the sharp decline in tourism.

Maui businesses are in need of visitors.

After visitors were shipped off the island, and with such mixed messaging, the return of tourism has been stunted. Having said that, other than West Maui, all of Maui is open and wants visitors. But if visitors don’t return soon, businesses will face inevitable trouble together with their employees.

Visit Maui: Fabulous Things You Can Do Without West Maui.

For visitors returning to Maui, there are many wonderful experiences to be had in the 85% of Maui that remains open to you. Tell us your favorites after we list some that come to our minds.

  • Haleakala National Park.
  • Iao Valley State Park.
  • Road to Hana.
  • Paia town.
  • Upcountry Maui.
  • Maui Ocean Center.
  • Molokini Crater snorkeling.
  • South Maui beaches | Wailea, Makena, and Kihei
  • Maui whale watching.

Maui still has an incredible amount of diversity to offer, with adventures, activities, and culture. All set in a beautiful environment that earned Maui the acclaim “Maui No Ka Oi.”

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44 thoughts on “$82 Hawaiian Airlines | Maui Visitors Needed Now Sale”

  1. I tried to get refund for January visit thru Hawaiian airlines only credit was offered, my accommodation was canceled so a displaced family could live there which is great,seems a airline refund would be great so I could rebook at lower fare and use saved money to spend at local business to help maui economy, Hawaiian air seems greedy to me

  2. I am currently staying in West Maui (Kahana area) after arriving on 9/2 with a total of 5 people in my family and we are here partly to deal with our loss of a business in Lahaina, but also to support the local economy. Much of West Maui is open for business or opening soon and visitors are badly needed to keep he economy afloat. Please don’t postpone your visits and help meet this beautiful place alive.

  3. We have visited Maui numerous times, it’s our favorite island. I was checking hotel rates in Wailea and they seem very high. If they want tourist to return then maybe they should reduce prices. $1000 plus a night seems high when the mist popular area of Maui is off limits. Just my thoughts. We want to come the later part of October but not at those rates.

  4. Lahaina is 15% of Maui. The idiot leaders managed to kill the other 85% telling stay home. I ama Kihe resident. Replace each and every leader.

      1. The facts don’t matter. They will find a way to blame this on climate change. Nobody has been able to give a reliable weather prediction more than a few days out. But, they will find a way to convince many people it was beyond their ability to forecast or control what happened. Don’t believe a word of it – they want to keep their jobs.

  5. So what we need are some not out of this world expensive flights and condo prices that didn’t dramatically increase, and I bet more people would go. Unfortunately, I’m now seeing price gouging… 🙁

    1. Mary Kay,

      I’m sure all of us would like better prices on everything, all the time. But, to say a high price increase represents price gouging is without proof. Let’s say the owner of a small (or large) hotel is faced with a loss of half his/her guests. If the owner can’t get more guests s/he will have to shut down. A sharp increase in rates may be the only way to avoid shutting down. So, in that case, high prices help the owner and the visitor is also helped in 2 ways – the hotel is available, AND if, instead s/he had to close that would reduce the available rooms in the area and could cause others to increase the price to meet the demand.

      Supply and demand is not a one-way street where only we the consumers benefit when supply outstrips demand. The opposite is true as well. And, there is a third, rarely mentioned, component – survival.

      Now, yes, prices have skyrocketed in the last 2 1/2 years. Was that due to COVID, poor presidential decisions, greed, or what? I think the book has not yet been written on that chapter in our history.

      As usual, we will be in Waikiki Sep 14-30.

  6. Sure Hawaiian airlines has a great sale. Planes don’t make money when they are nearly empty. I looked and hotels on Maui seemed to have doubled in rates. With this in mind the hawaii tax of 12% plus some 4% transient tax would be the same income for the state if the hotels were half full. Fully booked the state would double their income.
    Sorry too rich for me.

  7. I was in Maui in June (Wailea) and had an Amazing time. I would love to come back soon, but the kids are in school and cannot take a break until Thanksgiving week. Of course, airfare and hotel rates are still looking jacked up during the holidays. Oh well, I wish all well and a speedy recovery from the losses due to the fires. I can understand the fire damage having lived through the 2003 Cedar fire and 2007 Wtch Creek fires in San Diego.

  8. Hawaii people believe that the money they spent fell from the sky. They kept saying that they do not need visitors. They kept saying that visitors money all went to big corporations, to to Hawaii people. Why should anybody go there to be told not to compete for resources with the locals.

  9. Aloha Maui no ka oi , I lived on Maui for four years 43 years ago and still have a lot of love for the island and the people. I was a carpenter and landscaper. I have a lot of feelings for the losses of the people there .

  10. Maybe the Maui accom. providers will entice visitors with slightly more realistic pricing to go along with the lower airfares. Prices for accommodation have been sky high since covid and that as much as anything will keep many of us away despite the desire to return and support.

  11. We are currently scheduled for an Oct 1 arrival with a reservation in Kaanapali. Referencing Donna S , it would appear that businesses in this area well north of Lahaina could possibly be anxiously awaiting the return of visitors. We have always shopped at the Times and patronized Boss Frogs in Napili , as well as the shops and restaurants in Whalers Village . Unfortunately we are heartbroken at the loss of “ The Feast at LeLe”( hoping they rise like a Phoenix). As of today 8-1-23 there has been No cancellation information from our Condo, car rental company or airline. I realize it will be different , but a slow start as soon as possible could be the what Maui needs to pave the difficult road to recovery. It is

  12. Most ethereal place on earth. If your not participating in one of the many activities just stay still, breath n listen to the quiet beauty. I fell in love with it. Please return, I’m unable physically but close my eyes, I’m there.

  13. Hi ~ We had planned to visit Kaanapali area, in Sept, and decided against traveling to Hawai’i so the hotels on Maui could house those who lost their homes in the fires. Aren’t the hotels in Maui still being used to provide refugee housing? We don’t want to cause more harm to this suffering island community.


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