$84+ Flash Sale | 50 Hawaiian Airlines Routes Today

$84+ Flash Sale | 50 Hawaiian Airlines Routes Today

Take advantage of further reduced Hawaii airfares, thanks to a special “Flash Sale” from Hawaiian Airlines announced late Thursday. With sales like this starting at $84, prices could change quickly, so act swiftly.

Travel dates vary from November to May, depending on the route. Blackout dates apply. We may see a round of broader airfare deals, which also happened last month when Hawaii airfares dropped to as low as $62 each way. Time will tell, and watch for another update if Southwest or another carrier jumps in.

Here are 50 routes available on sale, with prices ranging from $84 all the way up to $369 each way. The first price listed below on each route is for basic economy, while the second price is for regular economy. We’ll also note deals we find to be especially noteworthy.

Before you start booking, you might want to read the article titled “Think Basic Economy To Hawaii Is For You? Maybe Not!

Hawaiian Airlines Flash Sale routes and prices:

  • Los Angeles to Maui $84/$134
  • San Jose to Kona $91/$141
  • Oakland to Kona $95/$145
  • Ontario to Maui $99/$149
  • Oakland to Maui $100/$150
  • San Jose to Maui $100/$150
  • San Diego to Kauai $104/$154
  • San Jose to Kauai $109/$159
  • Sacramento to Kauai $109/$169
  • Oakland to Kauai $109/$169
  • Portland to Kauai $118/$168
  • Los Angeles to Honolulu $118/$168
  • Oakland to Honolulu $119/$169
  • San Diego to Maui $119/$169
  • San Francisco to Honolulu $119/$169
  • San Francisco to Maui $119/$169
  • San Jose to Honolulu $119/$169
  • Los Angeles to Kona $120/$170
  • San Diego to Honolulu $129/$179
  • Ontario to Kauai $132/$182
  • Seattle to Maui $139/$189
  • Seattle to Kauai $140/$190
  • Seattle to Honolulu $140/$190
  • Ontario to Honolulu $153/$203
  • Sacramento to Maui $154/$214
  • Portland to Maui $159/$209
  • Portland to Kona $169/$219
  • Los Angeles to Kauai $169/$219
  • Portland to Honolulu $179/$229
  • Long Beach to Kauai $183/$223
  • Long Beach to Honolulu $186/$236
  • Las Vegas to Maui $186/$241
  • Sacramento to Honolulu $186/$246
  • Austin to Kauai $194/$254
  • Sacramento to Kona $195/$255
  • Las Vegas to Kauai $216/$271
  • Las Vegas to Honolulu $226/$286
  • Austin to Honolulu $229/$289
  • Seattle to Kona $235/$290
  • Phoenix to Honolulu $241/$296
  • Phoenix to Kauai $246/$301
  • New York to Maui $255/$259
  • New York to Kauai $255/$325
  • Boston to Kauai $256/$275
  • New York to Kona $337/$259
  • New York to Honolulu $260/$330
  • Boston to Honolulu $269/$369
  • Austin to Maui $269/$329
  • Phoenix to Maui $275/$330
  • Las Vegas to Kona $307/$367

To take advantage of today’s Hawaiian Airlines Sale:

  • Act promptly, as airfare availability is subject to change.
  • Travel from November to May, depending on the route. Blackout dates apply.
  • You can start your journey from either the mainland or Hawaii.
  • Prices listed are one-way fares, inclusive of all taxes and fees.
  • Some flights may have layovers.
  • Make your Flash Sale bookings exclusively through the Hawaiian Airlines website to secure these fares.
  • Keep in mind that not all Hawaiian Airlines flights operate daily.
  • Please note that the airfares mentioned here were accurate at the time of publication, and availability may vary depending on the route and day of the week. We recommend using Google Flight Search to find suitable dates and then booking directly through the Hawaiian Airlines website.

Limitations associated with Hawaiian Airlines’ Basic Economy:

  • No Advance Seat Assignment.
  • No Guarantee for Seating Together.
  • Last Group to Board.
  • Carry-On Bag and Personal Item restrictions.
  • HawaiianMiles members will still earn one mile for each mile flown.
  • Complimentary Services include no-cost meals, beverages, snack mix, and in-flight entertainment.
  • No changes after the initial 24-hour period.
  • In summary, the “Main Cabin Basic” economy on Hawaiian Airlines provides an affordable option with specific limitations on seating and changes but does include free in-flight amenities and mileage accrual for HawaiianMiles members.

Hawaiian just raised the fare difference between basic and regular economy.

While basic economy airfares, with the incumbent limitations listed above, start at just $84, regular economy starts at $134. Hawaiian has increased the difference between basic and regular economy to as much as $60 each way, depending on the route.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore four beautiful Hawaiian islands this winter, with fares starting at just $84 each way. It’s the perfect time to begin planning your Hawaiian getaway, and we’d love to hear if you find a deal that suits your needs.

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4 thoughts on “$84+ Flash Sale | 50 Hawaiian Airlines Routes Today”

  1. Airlines raising their “main” airfares to an additional $50 from basic is outrageous, in some cases a 50% premium for the “perks” that used to be included with the price of an airline ticket. Airlines are using the ploy that makes it difficult for consumers to identify the true cost of a ticket…the headline or the post says $84 tickets. We have to go through the booking process to find out that the cost for the “main” ticket has actually increased rather than decreased. Time for Congress to stop this deception.

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