Hawaiian Airlines Flash Sale Today from $96 on 19 Routes

Today only, Hawaiian Airlines has a first-of-the-year special Flash Sale. The announcement this morning requires that you act quickly. Starting at $96 each way, prices will increase rapidly as inventory is sold during the day.

When to fly for these sale prices.

Plan to travel between late January and early March on most routes, while others are from May until early June, and Salt Lake City is from August.

The available Flash Sale routes showcase a range of Hawaii flight options, with prices of no more than $100 each way on more than twenty mainland to Hawaii and Hawaii to mainland routes. The price indicated on each route represents basic economy, while regular economy costs anywhere from less than basic economy to as much as $138 more. Why?

What is Hawaiian Airlines Main Cabin “Basic Economy?”

  1. No advance seat assignment. Seat assignment is at 24-hour check-in or may be assigned at the gate at the airline’s discretion. There is no guarantee for seating together.
  2. No upgrades are possible, either with miles or cash.
  3. One free carry-on and one personal item are included (as with regular economy).
  4. HawaiianMiles members earn one mile per mile flown (as with regular economy).
  5. Free meals, snacks, and beverages (as with regular economy).
  6. Free in-flight entertainment (as with regular economy).
  7. Boarding zones. You will be in the last zone to board the aircraft. That can present issues with carry-on luggage, especially on a full flight.

Does basic economy always costs less than regular economy?

In most cases, basic economy offers the cheapest fares advertised. That helps Hawaiian and other airlines in Google Search, and gets your eyes set on a trip to Hawaii. So with this sale, for example, basic economy on some routes is up to $60 more each way. Thus, these basic economy fares can be hard to pass up, and many people buy them without fully understanding the implications. First, before buying Main Cabin Basic Economy tickets instead of regular economy, we recommend you read “Think Basic Economy To Hawaii Is For You? Maybe Not!

Confusing, however, are these upside-down price comparisons:

In the following instances, the cost of basic economy is actually far more than regular economy. We don’t know how that can be and whether it may simply be an error.

  • Maui to Boston: $267 basic economy and $236 regular economy.
  • Lihue to Boston: $396 basic economy and $261 regular economy.

Hawaiian Airlines Flash Sale – 21 routes at $100 or less.

  • Oakland to Kona $96
  • Oakland to Kauai $96
  • Kona to Oakland $96
  • Kauai to Oakland $96
  • Kauai to San Francisco $96
  • Kauai to San Jose $96
  • San Francisco to Kona $96
  • San Jose to Kona $96
  • San Jose to Kauai $96
  • Los Angeles to Maui $97
  • Maui to Los Angeles $97
  • Ontario to Maui $97
  • San Francisco to Maui $100
  • Oakland to Maui $100
  • San Francisco to Maui $100
  • San Jose to Maui $100
  • Los Angeles to Kona $100
  • Kona to Los Angeles $100
  • Maui to San Francisco $100
  • Maui to San Jose $100
  • Ontario to Kona $100

Today’s promotional Flash Sale works for travel starting either on the mainland or in Hawaii, with prices listed as one-way fares, inclusive of taxes and fees. Bookings can be made through Hawaiian Airlines’ website.

Act quickly, given the dynamic nature and pricing of airfares. Some blackout dates are in effect. Then embark on the dream of discovering the enduring beauty of Hawaii this winter, with prices as low as $96 each way in a today-only Flash Sale.

Will you score a deal with today’s offer from Hawaiian Airlines?

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9 thoughts on “Hawaiian Airlines Flash Sale Today from $96 on 19 Routes”

  1. Do you think rates will be lower than published now in June 24?
    Would like to plan a trip to Maui. Rates are pretty high for round trip
    from Sacramento now.

  2. Hi guys. Looks like no deals between Los Angeles and Kauai. Must be from all the hype now to travel to Kauai instead of Maui. I also noticed no deals to Honolulu. Oh well, that’s par for the golf course as they say. Will be interesting to see how many people will book a Maui trip. And I suppose Kona will now be overrun with visitors. Mahalo for the news as always.

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