Unique Hawaiian Airlines Sale: Equivalent to $59 Each Way

Unique Hawaiian Airlines Sale: Equivalent to $59 Each Way

A very different Hawaiian Airlines sale today from the state’s full-service bellwether carrier. Just 9 routes are included in this New Year fare sale, so if your route is not listed, it isn’t part of this offer. These Cheap Flights to Hawaii could end at any time. Available for travel during the coveted snowbird season of January 6 until March 9, depending on the route. Read on for why these fares are truly exceptional.

All islands are included in today’s offer to visit Hawaii in winter, a great time to be in the islands. Lock in airfares today. Act now as availability and pricing change frequently and seats at these prices are extremely limited.

All of these sale fares feature “no change fees.”

As you know, starting in 2019, Hawaiian joined the rest of the industry in offering two kinds of economy tickets.  To see how that works on flights to Hawaii, see our Just Updated Guide | Basic Economy to Hawaii.

In a nutshell, basic economy is last to board, can’t be changed after the first 24 hours, and doesn’t typically provide advance seat assignment. The main cabin fares being offered, however, include advance seat assignment so you can sit together, and the ability to change travel dates without incurring a change fee. A difference in fares may exist, however, depending on what dates you change to.

Why these Hawaii deals are equivalent to $59.

Today’s fare sale is only on routes where Hawaiian has decided to exclusively offer main cabin (full economy) fares. We can’t say exactly why they have chosen to do this, but it is an interesting thing that they are trying. You might think that is due to Southwest Hawaii flights featuring no change fees. That, however, does not appear to be the case given that the routes are not all ones where Southwest even flies.

For those of you who choose to pay extra for full economy, in order to be able to change dates/flights, have assigned seats, and not board last, you know that Hawaiian’s charge is typically $40 more each way. So when you consider that, that brings the comparable price of these $99 fares down to $59. Not bad at all.

Here’s how these deals work.

Travel is from now until early March on these routes. The prices listed are the lowest we found today in these date ranges, and other days are higher. Availability is limited and varies by route. Mostly mid-week travel, Monday through Thursday. Some weekend dates are now included too. Search using the monthly availability calendar on the airline’s website.

You’ll get to bring a full-size carry-on and enjoy complimentary meals with wine on board in addition to “no change fees” and advance seat assignment. Plus wide-body comfort on some routes.

Notes on availability:

▶ We always find cheaper fares than advertised by airlines, but with less availability. Keep that in mind when searching.
▶ Can’t find what you’re looking for? See Need Help below.
▶ Airfares change up to five times each weekday, and availability decreases as seats are booked.
▶ To take advantage of these limited Hawaiian Airlines deals, you should find and book them now.
▶ The fares shown are full-fare economy.
▶ Start travel either on the US Mainland or in Hawaii.
▶ Prices listed are each way, including all taxes and fees.

How to book:

Book online only – these fares are not available by phone. Use the links below to go directly to the Hawaiian Airlines website and then search for your city pairs and dates. Try using the monthly fare calendar for more options and to locate the cheapest fares.

Need help?

Feel free to leave questions and comments below – but only please or thanks gets a reply. Comments are a very popular part of our community. That’s why you will find tens of thousands of them on Beat of Hawaii. If you don’t find what you are looking for, sign up for our free email updates to get notified of the next Hawaii deals.

Unique Hawaiian Airlines Sale: Equivalent to $59 Each Way

These Hawaiian’s full economy fares are normally $40 more than the basic economy. Thus these $99 fares are equivalent to $59.

Hawaiian Airlines to/from Honolulu Each Way: 

Long Beach $99 January to early March
Los Angeles $99 January to early March
San Francisco $99 January to early March

Hawaiian Airlines to/from Kona Each Way: 

Los Angeles $99 to early March
San Francisco $99 January to early March

Hawaiian Airlines to/from Kauai Each Way:

Los Angeles $99 January to early March
San Francisco $99 January to early March

Hawaiian Airlines to/from Maui Each Way: 

Los Angeles $99 January to early March
San Francisco $99 January to early March

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7 thoughts on “Unique Hawaiian Airlines Sale: Equivalent to $59 Each Way”

  1. HI guys. We fly American next week to Honolulu and then connect on Hawaiian to Kona. We just heard that we need 2 QR codes…one for Honolulu and the other for Kona. The Safe Travels site only mentions the first leg that lands in the state. Do we need a QR code from Honolulu to Kona as well? Any help you can give us for this would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. I booked a fare non-refundable from LAX to OGG for February 15, return February 23. The quote that came up was $199 outbound and $208 return. How come I cannot find a fare as per the quote in this email?

    1. It could be the article’s second paragraph warning … “Act now as availability and pricing change frequently and seats at these prices are extremely limited” … applies, and means the extremely low-priced seats on your itinerary were already sold. I always wonder if the airlines often only price one seat per flight for these specials.

      1. Hi Paul.

        Thanks for chiming in. When the airlines promote a fare (as was the case for this offer), then they have a minimum availability requirement per the DOT. When we share “unadvertised” fare sales, on the other hand, those are not promoted by the airline, so could be extremely limited, and like you say, as little as one seat per flight.


  3. I just looked up a fare for LAX to OGG for 2/15,return 2/23 and was quoted $2822 RT.

    This is not even close to the deal you mentioned above in the email. What’s going on?

    1. @Charles J. … I just checked the itinerary you quoted at Hawaiian Airlines … $239 round trip non-stop … the special fares must have been sold for those dates/flights.

      p.s. I assume you meant to type “$282” instead of “$2822.”

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