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Visit Maui: Fabulous Things You Can Do Without West Maui

For visitors returning to Maui, there are many wonderful experiences to be had in the 85% of Maui that remains open to you. Tell us your favorites after we list some that come to our minds.

Haleakala National Park.

Starting Tuesday, August 22, this crown jewel of Maui reopens. Haleakala is unique and fascinating. It offers stunning sunrises or sunsets from the Haleakala summit. There are hiking trails through unique landscapes ranging from lush rainforest to cinder desert.

Iao Valley State Park.

This is another of Maui’s unique gems! The towering lush green-covered volcanic rock formation includes many trails and scenic viewpoints.

Road to Hana.

Stop in Paia at the start of your trip. This community boasts the charm that Lahaina did. The iconic drive meanders through the lush coastline of Maui, with waterfalls along the way and breathtaking views and charm everywhere. The journey there is part of the adventure, as Hana is too. Some shuttles help reduce the number of visitor cars and free you to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Once in Hana, there are great spots for hiking, swimming, and more in the surrounding area.

Upcountry Maui.

From Kula to Makawao and Pukalani. A lovely time spent taking in the exquisite Maui scenery from a cooler elevation. Also great for those who like local boutiques, cafes, and galleries. We like the Alii Kula Lavender Farm (now open Friday through Monday from 10 am to 4 pm) and the Surfing Goat Dairy Farm, open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Maui Ocean Center.

The Maalaea-based aquarium has just reopened following the fire. Visit daily from 9 am to 5 pm. Here you can learn more about Hawaii’s unique marine life, enjoy interactive exhibits, and more.

Molokini Crater snorkeling.

Snorkeling or scuba diving trips to Molokini Crater are always popular and rewarding. The partially submerged volcanic crater reveals abundant marine life in crystal clear waters.

South Maui beaches | Wailea, Makena, and Kihei

South Maui features exquisite beaches, luxury resorts at Wailea, and upscale dining and shopping. Big Beach and Little Beach at Makena feature exquisite white sand, picturesque views, and hiking trails. Kihei offers shopping and 15 beaches.

Maui whale watching.

You can see whales from the shore or jump aboard many different whale-watching tours from fall to spring. This is always fascinating for residents and visitors.

Lahaina is forever etched in our hearts and minds.

Maui still has a tremendous amount to offer, with diverse adventures, outdoor activities, and cultural experiences. All set in a beautiful environment that earned Maui the acclaim “Maui No Ka Oi.”

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20 thoughts on “Visit Maui: Fabulous Things You Can Do Without West Maui”

  1. This all looks wonderful! But we have a reservation in West Maui, booked back in May. We can’t get a response from the property managers, we have tried phone and email. Any suggestions? We are willing to rebook in another part of Maui if we can find a spot. But really need to know the status of our reservation and money. Do you know of any official site that is helping those of us with reservations but no information? thank you so much.

  2. thank you for all the info on where to go other than west maui. We always stay in Kahana so is this area available to stay? we cancelled out September trip due to Lahaina fires out of respect to all who lost loved ones, we are praying for Maui and plan to return next year in October. We appreciate all the news and information. God bless you and Maui!

      1. Thank you for the response. Our issue is that we cannot get a response of any kind from our management company. We purposely chose a local, family owned, company.
        I understand that they are likely dealing with grief, friends and family that need help and support, and their own challenges related to the wildfire and loss of Lahaina. I was wondering if there was a directive or centralized information portal that can intercede to support the companies that seemed overwhelmed.
        I appreciate your knowledge and understanding of the situation.

  3. Aloha from San Diego,
    We are mourning your loses with you ,
    When we would visit, you would say ” from one paradise to another”. But we would say ” Nothing like Maui, and Maui time.
    Many, many days in Lahaina, many tears for you…our Ohana!

  4. Aloha, Pa’ia town is very much open and as beautiful as ever! I am the business owner of a massage business, come get a massage from us when you drive through towards the road to Hana. We welcome you!!


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