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Denver to Hawaii Flight Sale Today $189

Today’s great price is on flights from Denver to Hawaii (or the other direction). Plan your Hawaii vacation any time between now and May to take advantage of this new offer. Travel is mid-week.

During this extremely limited Hawaii offer, you can save up to 50% off the normal airfare for these flights. But you need to act fast and you need to look carefully. It’s been a while since the sale prices from the “Mile High City,” so we’re happy to have these available for you today. Don’t ask later where the deal is – it will simply be gone.

Sale on Flights from Denver to Hawaii | $188.

Airlines: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines.

Travel dates: From January until May 2023. Mid-week travel.

Fare and Availability: $188 each way to Maui and Kona, including all taxes and fees. There are a scant few dates for Kauai, and we are finding none at this time to Honolulu. These are the lowest fares in these markets, and they’re not available on all or even most dates. Use flexible date search to view fare and availability by month. It works in both directions.

How to find: We suggest using Google flight search to locate the available days, except for Southwest, which cannot be found on Google Flights, but instead only on their website. Then navigate to the airline directly for booking online.

Notes: Prices are available online only – you cannot call the airlines to obtain these fares.

Routes and prices:

✈ Denver to/from Maui $188. January until May.

✈ Denver to/from Lihue $188. Very few dates at this time.

✈ Denver to/from Kona $128. January until May.

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2 thoughts on “Denver to Hawaii Flight Sale Today $189”

  1. What about Phoenix? I so want to visit my Ohana but airfares are sooo expensive! Why are there never any great fares from Phoenix?

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