Destination Hawaii | Flight Of SpaceX Starship To Splashdown Nearby

Destination Hawaii | Flight Of SpaceX Starship To Splashdown Nearby

Elon Musk’s second Starship orbital test flight is poised to touch down not far from Beat of Hawaii tomorrow. That puts it near Kauai or perhaps Oahu.

This comes following the failed April test flight which resulted in the vehicle’s self-destruction over Texas. Tomorrow marks an eagerly awaited event in SpaceX’s ambitious plan to advance Starship for use as human and cargo transport to destinations including the moon, Mars, and beyond. Notably, it’s the upper stage of this huge reusable rocket that is expected to conclude its journey nearby in the Pacific Ocean.

After separation, Starship’s upper stage will continue powering near orbital velocity (17,000 mph). Instead of circumnavigating the earth, however, the vehicle following about 90 minutes of flight, will come down in the Pacific near Hawaii for what is being termed by SpaceX as “an exciting landing.”

It isn’t entirely clear yet exactly where Starship will splash down. While the prior test flight was destined to land some 60 miles off the shore of Kauai, this flight may instead splash down closer to Oahu, which is about 100 miles from Kauai. We’ll be watching for all the details as I’m sure you will be too.

Next eagerly awaited SpaceX development.

This will be a flight of the most powerful rocket ever. It’s Hawaii flight will begin at SpaceX’s Boca Chica, Texas launchpad. The flight follows exhaustive reconstruction and a multitude of other issues that resulted from the April explosion.

The nighttime flight will launch between 3 am to 5 am Hawaii time.

SpaceX will be live streaming the launch and it will be covered on virtually all news stations.

The rocket has faced stiff legal challenges of late. FAA has issued a launch license, while there are big environmental concerns and lawsuits alleging that the FAA failed didn’t comply with federal environmental law, especially given the SpaceX’s explosion and potential damage to public lands and wildlife refuges. We hope tomorrow’s launch goes well and causes no problems.

Hawaii mariners will be advised to steer clear of the designated splashdown area during the rocket launch period. By that point we will have a much clearer understanding of where in Hawaii Starship may arrive.

But what exactly is Starship?

According to the manufacturer, SpaceX, “Starship spacecraft and Super Heavy rocket – collectively called Starship – represent a fully reusable transportation system designed to carry crew and cargo to Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Starship will be the world’s most powerful launch vehicle ever developed, capable of carrying up to 150 metric tons fully reusable and 250 metric tons expendable.” The impending test flight splashing down near Hawaii serves as a crucial step in advancing this groundbreaking space exploration technology.

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2 thoughts on “Destination Hawaii | Flight Of SpaceX Starship To Splashdown Nearby”

  1. Hello BOH friends. Thanks for this information about Starship. I was hoping it would launch from Cape Canaveral. I love watching the launches, especially the nighttime ones. I can see them from my house in SW Florida. It’s awesome that Starship is going to my favorite place, Hawaii. Wish I could catch a ride. It would be much quicker than the long trip from Florida.

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