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Escape To Maui: Living In Disgrace Never Looked This Good!

The optics aren’t always good when you fly 1st class to your Maui oceanfront home after something like this.

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49 thoughts on “Escape To Maui: Living In Disgrace Never Looked This Good!”

  1. I noticed someone said that they didn’t see what he did wrong, that’s correct, Becker chose to not have a risk management person, the large investors chose not to insure above the FDIC limits, so they should pay for those losses. The bad party here is those who chose to give them tax payer’s money. I bet they won’t do that for you!

  2. not defending these bank execs but this article is literally creepy stalker vibes and is not telling the full story

    in addition to casting the (typicaly scheduled and publicly reported many months ahead of time) stock sales as malicious, it goes on and on to single out this person potentially bringing harm their way

    if you want to hate on the banking system, hate the regulators and multiple oversight committees as well

    also make sure to hate on the various focuses this bank had that were not at all fundamental to their purpose of acting responsibly for their clients

    also hate on the FDIC that went out of its way to pass the costs of this egregious behavior down to other more responsible banks, which ultimately falls on depositors

  3. Don’t worry…most of the people at SVB were elites and since a lot of them are in government (Gavin Newsom for one), everyone will get a tax payer funded bail out. Don’t feel bad for the people who had money at that bank.

  4. Mahalo! Very sad story of how this entitled rich guy has nearly ditched everyone for his own glory. Typical. Almost like a president of a country who flees with all the country’s wealth for himself. Very sad. Aloha!

  5. Mahalo Beat of Hawaii!!
    The answer is he’s toast, we the taxpayers are bailing the bank out, and he should learn that in prison, you have to be a certain someone to get to complain about the food.
    Oh, I almost forgot the impending divorce he’ll be experiencing.
    Hope he saved some cash for a rainy day.
    Aloha and blessings always 💗🌺

  6. … still trying to figure out what he did wrong. Hindsight is 20/20. No talk of criminal charges being filed against him. (Putting on my helmet and raincoat) Stop throwing rotten tomatoes at me for my comments.

    1. the answer is nothing illegal. there will be a lot of noise made about this but at the end of the day hes operating in a flawed system. apart from “the big four”, nearly every bank in america would also fold if called on that percentage of their deposits- its the nature of the fractional lending system. this bailout just encourages more risky behavior by banks, they know the fed has their backs.

      1. “The fed has their backs” = taxpayers money going to banks instead of; healthcare, child care, education, living wages, social security, infrastructure, etc. etc.

  7. In the past, many BOH commenters have expressed their desire for more “high-end” types to travel to the islands because they spend more of their money than working-class folks. Be careful what you wish for.

  8. Puamana is definitely the GEM of Lahaina. The first time I stayed there was in 1995 and Paid $175 per night for an Oceanfront 3 br condo with the 7th night free! I stayed in that very Condo twice with the last time being 2017 and I think we paid $350 per night. Actually that was about the going rate for the 3 bedrooms that hadn’t been updated and who cares you are out at the beach all day. In 2018 we were staying at another place as this Unit was unavailable as it had just been purchased. I’ve stayed at Puamana over 20 times and I believe that time is over as $7K/week is just way too much even for an entire family. the Pandemic and remote working is what has led to this and the high prices. I’m So Sad

  9. Disgusting toad. What a joke this bank was/is. Just take a gander at the 12 board members and their “qualifications”. Only one of the 12 members have any kind of banking or finance background. What could go wrong? 😠

    1. And the Lone Board Members Credentials are Sorely Lacking. He was only there for a Year! The Board just needed someone to give them temporary credibility.

  10. With all of the Stress and Finger Pointing who could possibly blame Greg Becker and his wife for escaping California for Maui. Now they can regroup their thoughts and begin the Executive Job Search, Greg is currently unemployed. How fortunate they Greg pulled their tens of millions from the Bank before it failed, even so how can they possibly afford too much, no paycheck coming in. Is there a “Go Fund Me” account setup for them yet? It must be Tough! Maybe the Federal Reserve has an opening 🤔

  11. As Yoda might have said: “A bit tabloidy this article was.” This bankster isn’t even that extravagant in his tastes. A Mini Cooper? A refurbished condo? Chain burger restaurants ? United First Class? Hardly status symbols in this day and age. Not impressed.

    1. Ah, Mighty Short and Green Yoda, he’s not employed anymore, they must be cutting costs wherever they are able. I keep wondering when the Force will be knocking on their door to take statements, will they be illusive in their memories? Possibly Janet Yellen needs help at the Federal Reserve, certainly many will be receptive to his resume.

      1. Ernesto, so true. But as others have stated, isn’t he exactly the type of tourist that we need and want here in Hawaii? As long as he doesn’t try to open a bank here, I’m cool with him. In fact, I’m driving over to the Westside to see if I can share a coffee or beer with him. I have this amazingly great idea that needs venture capital funding. Can’t provide too many details, but it involves coconuts and small battery operated drones. That’s all I can say. Mahalo!

        1. Eldo, I am fairly certain that your perception of a viable business venture worth backing is “spot on” and if for some reason it doesn’t garner the proper response, I could make it a point to “visit” and engage in “negotiations” for you. Sometimes, Eldo, Experience is needed for proper responses. Good Luck with the Business.

  12. I just love how you guys bust these folks chops & show how they immediately run away from their problems to paradise! The woman who is on trial for murdering her children did the same thing…unbelievable!

      1. A pre-planned family vacation that was on the schedule but I do Agree that the actual circumstances should have postponed it. Disasters occur, especially when, and where, over dependency on Wind and Solar Energy is concerned. Been warning ⚠️ about this for a Long Time. Senator Cruz should have rescheduled his family vacation, plain and simple.

  13. I just love how you guys bust these folks chops & show how they immediately run away from their problems to paradise! The woman who is on trial for murdering her children did the same thing…Unbelievable.

    1. It begins to make me wonder if the Woman believed that Hawaii could be a great place to fight extradition while working on her tan! 🤔 Maybe she “thought” that she could hide out there and avoid Prosecution altogether or possibly escape to another country where extradition isn’t a problem. Never know what the “Troubled and Devious Mind” thinks!

  14. Where to start? The in your face corruption and and outright theft of millions while running a bank into the ground. I hope there is justice coming but when it’s practiced in the White House also I’m not counting on it
    Disgusting people!

  15. He’s a scumbag and should lose everything. He was well aware of the situation with SVB and just like all of these executives, made his money off the sweat of others. He should be publicly crucified.

    1. Not technically a bailout like we saw in 2008. SVB is dead – it’s gone. It’s only the depositors, the average schlubs like you and me who kept their money there, that are being rescued by the gub’ment. Bank investors and executives are getting zilch.

      1. There are no “average schlubs” at that bank in Silicon Valley. You needed clout to bank there. Half of its loans were for venture capitalists and private equity firms, and Gavin Newsom is one of their clients.

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