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Flight Reviews: Hawaiian Vs. Southwest Showdown

Two back-to-back flights offered surprising results. See what happened in our flight reviews: Hawaiian vs. Southwest.

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111 thoughts on “Flight Reviews: Hawaiian Vs. Southwest Showdown”

  1. I fly SW after all the years HA was the only airline to fly interisland. I have flown to the mainland on SW several times and as far away as Las Vegas. I am totally satisfied with SW. One flight on SW which happened pre pandemic our flight interisland was delayed for 3 hours and I did not even file any complaint and a week later I received a $150 dollar voucher in my e-mail for the inconvenience. Previously, when flying HA and we were delayed I wrote a complaint letter and they just sent a letter of apology. HA gouged interisland flyers for years prior to SW coming into our market. What goes around comes around. I tell all my relatives and friends to fly SW and once you learn the boarding policy you will certainly be satisfied.


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