721 thoughts on “Free Trip to Hawaii Travel Sweepstakes For May 2022”

  1. Dreams do come true! Thank you for offering such a beautiful opportunity to win such an amazing experience! I can’t even tell you how incredible this is! I will not stop dreaming!

  2. I’m just waiting here patiently until my man comes home from deployment. He’s done so much for me and our country I wish I could give him the same – like one of these dream vacations he’s always deserved!

  3. I have been married for almost 31 years. I would love to take my husband there. I used to live in Hili, but my husband has never been there. Thank you.

  4. Would love to visit Hawaii! I wanted to go on my honeymoon but then chickened out due to a long flight! I heard nothing but amazing things about the islands and would love to experience with my husband and little girl!

  5. My husband and I have been married for 6 years, and have always wanted to go on a honeymoon. But we have always put our kids first, so we could never afford it. We would absolutely love a getaway. Now that the kids are older 🙂

  6. My husband had always wanted to take me to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary and that so happens to be this year 🙂

  7. Well, I’m an old school Hawaii lover. I’ve been going every year since I turned 17. Winning a trip, well, that’s WINNING.
    MAHALO for posting these up for us. I don’t mind giving out my info, I got email unsubscribe and call blockers in place. Good luck ohana, seas yous at the swim up tiki bar. ALOHA!

  8. We are 72, grew up together then did see each other after High School for 40 years. Got married 2010 and try to go to Hawaii every chance we can. Our love of Hawaii has allowed us to personally influence over 20 couples to go to Hawaii for vacation. Mahalo!!!

  9. Thank you! I am like many of your fans who are trying to win a trip to Hawaii. I went as a child once and it felt like home. Tears streamed my face as I heard the Polynesian drumming and dancing. My husband knows that I have wanted to take my kids for a very long time. My older two kids had to grow up quickly because I am a double above knee amputee, as well as few other issues, like insomnia. My daughter has the same genetic condition. A combined number of surgeries that my family hS experienced is 53 surgeries. We never could save for an trip other than a long weekend at someplace close to home. I’m losing more function neurologically and I truly fear that if I can’t find a way to go on the next year, then I might never actually get there. I want to be able to walk some. So please, this is the perfect time …. please choose us!

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