State: Heavy Blow To Hawaii Travel Will Last Years

Free Trip to Hawaii Won by Beat of Hawaii Subscriber

We learned yesterday that another subscriber to Beat of Hawaii just won a free trip to Hawaii. Talk about one of the best Hawaii vacation deals! The winner’s name is Matt and the contest that he won is the Sun Sync Vacation trip for two to Maui from VSP! The trip, valued at $12,000, includes round-trip airfare, $2,000 hotel credit, complimentary daily breakfast and more.

Check out our current Hawaii sweepstakes which still open for entries. At Beat of Hawaii we’ve been publishing all of the free Hawaii sweepstakes we can find for years. They are among our favorite posts.

When our previous reader Sharon Medley won a trip to Hawaii and we had a chance to talk with her about it, it got us thinking that we should start entering sweepstakes ourselves. After all, that wasn’t the first sweepstakes that she’d won. We both began to follow contests.

Some Contest Grief

No free trips for either of us so far. We have ended up with a lot of unwanted emails and subscriptions and often it is impossible to see anything about signing up for a paid magazine subscription or other lists when filling out a form for contest entry.

In the case of the unwanted, paid magazine subscription, I received an email telling me that I’d signed up for one year courtesy of Hearst Communications. Incredulous, I attempted to cancel the subscription. To my dismay and after finally figuring out how to cancel, I received an invoice that showed that while we’d cancelled the subscription, there was now a balance due of $10. After writing to Hearst I received an email that the $10 charge would be removed, which it was.

Bottom Line and Tip

Consider using a separate email address for these, so you don’t receive unwanted spam mixed in with your other emails. Have we given up on sweepstakes? No not at all!

What About You?

Are you signing up for free Hawaii (or other) vacation sweepstakes? Maybe you’ll be the next winner.

More about Matt’s free trip to Hawaii coming up next.

2 thoughts on “Free Trip to Hawaii Won by Beat of Hawaii Subscriber”

  1. Yesterday, our windchill temp was -30 degrees. What do you think, PLEASE SEND US ON A HAWAIIAN TRIP VACATION! Please, please ,and more please.


  2. Congratulations to Matt!
    I never win anything so I always bypass those sweepstakes. A $ 12,000 prize is very impressive though! Wonderful!

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