These four won a free trip to Hawaii courtesy of Beat of Hawaii.

Reader Wins Contest on Beat of Hawaii

One of our favorite posts is a bi-monthly list of contests to enter for free trips to Hawaii. A few months ago someone asked if anyone reading Beat of Hawaii ever won. We put the call out and the answer came back, “Yes!”

Meet Sharon Medley from Northern California. Her boss is a regular reader of ours and got Sharon hooked on Beat of Hawaii. Sharon entered her husband in the Chunky Campbell Soup NFL Pro-Bowl contest that we posted back in October.

Two months later the call came that she was a possible winner of the Grand Prize. Once eligibility was confirmed, Sharon and her family found themselves headed to Hawaii this past January.

According to Sharon, “I couldn’t believe this was happening until the plane took off.”

Sharon and her family won a trip for four to the 2011 NFL Pro Bowl in Honolulu including round-trip air, hotel accommodations, 4 tickets to the NFL Pro Bowl Tailgate and 4 tickets to the Pro Bowl, a stipend for ground transportation, 4 gift bags and $250 in spending money.

This was the biggest contest Sharon ever won. Sharon told us that she wins smaller contests regularly. Her friends asked what her secret is. Her answer, “Just Enter!”

After I finished talking to Sharon, she told me that she would be entering all of the latest contests we posted this week.

Now that you know a reader won a contest featured on Beat of Hawaii, maybe it will be your turn next! As of today, over 2,000 of our visitors have gone off to enter the current round of contents.

(Photo Credit: Sharon and her family enjoying their free trip to Hawaii).


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  1. Be careful using the term “free”, as winners would have to pay taxes around 30% , maybe more, of the retail value, which for this one was said to be over $9000. My sister won an MGD Blind Date trip to the Bahamas. Nice, but it ended up being about the same cost ($2500) if they had found a really good deal (an intimate concert with Incubus helped though).

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