2,829 thoughts on “Hotels Require Hawaii Vaccination Passports + New Maui COVID Rules Detailed”

  1. This is hilarious when the vaccinated carry the virus as well. Very sad, been to Hawaii 19 times and my Husband is triple vaccinated but we can’t go. Why don’t you do blood tests. I did one here and have never had it, so criminal. Hawaii was like my second home. We would stay a month, but now will travel overseas to a Country that is open. My Doctor said the whole World is open now, and I said, not America.

    1. Not sure why you think you can’t go to Hawaii. This article is from September of 2021. All restrictions have currently been dropped.

      1. Don’t be so mean. I opened this email this morning and had to work all day thinking about it before I realized it’s old. Mean. Grow a heart before it’s too late.

  2. If you want to eat at restaurants, you will need to show your vaccination card. We are currently here. Not all ask but just letting you know.

  3. Having been vaccinated and bolstered in UK, I uploaded it to the New York City NYCCOVIDSAFE App along with my Passport Picture for use in Manhattan. It was accepted everywhere on Oahu wit no trouble. Free and easy to use.

  4. Does CLEAR, or Common PASS make entry into Hawaii faster, and easier, or is the card just as fast? (I am vaccinate and have gotten the booster)

    Also, if you want the Common Pass, or CLEAR pass do you get it before you register on the Hawaii SafeTravels and add it then, or do you register on SafeTravels and get the pass after you are registered.(I contacted the State and did not get a clear answer)

    1. LOPAKA15… Be aware that both programs are limited. Can’t remember which but one only accepts “digital” vaccination proof and last I knew only California and one other state issued “digital” cards. As for the other one, again it is limited – I think it requires proof of where you were vaccinated and even one of the three largest providers in our state was not on their list. Since you need to show your vaccination proof on occasions other than flying, upload it to your phone and then to Safe Tra

      1. thank you .. I guess that I’ll just load the card, and bring the card with me.
        I have digital proof(Excelsior Plus ) from NY showing my vaccination and booster It’s on my phone as a backup to prove that I was vaccinated.I know Hawaii does not accept that, but I figured that it can;t hurt to have it since it’s verification from my State that I was vaccinated.

    2. We are on Maui now and the only thing you need to do is go to Hawaii safe travels and update with your vaccine card. No other site is needed. Safe travels will send you a QR code via email. Then you show it to the airlines and they give you a wrist band. Easy…

  5. We just returned from Maui. The Safe Travels site was a a little confusing. We did AZOVA (don’t waste your money😡). Best thing to do if you have time is the Clear Health Pass. The common Health Pass has you do a couple of things in the last 24 hours before your flight. That is when things are the busiest. It was worth the effort 🥰

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