272 thoughts on “Half of Kauai Businesses May Fail | Visitors Are Not Returning”

  1. We normally go to Kauai every year except for 2020. Kauai is where we got engaged and a year later got married. We love the island but it will be a very long time before we return. The restrictions are vast and costly! The Bubble Resort do not make it easy at all. You can’t rent a car during your 72 hour quarantine so you have to Uber to your resort. That’s $120.00 to our destination. $200.00 to get a wrist band and you must have your phone on you at all times. After the 72 hours another $400.00 to get another Covid Test, if negative you will be freed. Poor customer service at the bubble resort and no one has a clue on what’s going on. Also, if your bubble resort has no restaurant, you have to get a personal shopper since you’re not allowing to go anywhere for the first 72 hours. We have to eat so it’s necessary! Don’t bother and go to Florida instead! They at least appreciate tourists!!

  2. We were planning to come to Kauai the 3rd week of march with four visitors, but with all the restrictions that Kauai put in place, Why would anyone want to go. We have timeshare at Princeville but if you have to stay Quarantine for 3 days out of seven, why even go. We will cancel our trip and won’t be back for quite a while, I feel sorry for all the small Businesses that are failing because the politicians don’t Care about them.

    1. We have plans for mid-May and have had our rental house booked since last May when it was cancelled due to CoVid. We booked our airfare at a very good price in December. If the current policies remain effect it means we will lose 3-4 days of beach time (depending upon which “bubble” we book) out of a 14-day vacation. We will both have had our vaccinations well before we travel but our adult kids with whom we are travelling will not have had them. Even IF there is a vacation passport in effect by our time of travel, our kids will still have to quarantine. It’s really not a workable situation. Fortunately, we have until 30 days out to cancel our lodging without penalty, and our airfare is fully refundable by Hawaiian. We’re hoping there is some clarity by then.

    2. We feel the same way Ken B, we also own in Princeville and are usually there for two weeks. Since all the Covid stuff and the Mayor’s request to be removed from the Governor’s Safe Travel program, we have switched gears and now come to the USVI which is where we are right now. Hopefully the Mayor will get back on board and stop destroying the tourist trade and small businesses on the island. Until then, we won’t be back.

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