Hanalei Bridge Full Closure Starts January 2

Hanalei Bridge Shutdown Starts January 2

We received a notification today from the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) advising highway users of a full nightly closure of Kuhio Highway (Route 560) in the area of the Hanalei Bridge. Specifically, the closure is from Hanalei Plantation Road at Princeville to Ohiki Road (at the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge). This starts Tuesday, January 2, 2024, and is needed for the Hanalei Bridge Repair project.

The state DOT said, “After the initial week, closures will continue nightly on a Sunday-through-Thursday schedule from 11 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. the following day.” It isn’t clear to us yet what the “initial week” closures entail, and we could not reach anyone at HDOT to confirm what was intended by that statement.

The state advised that the next project is set to replace the Hanalei Bridge timber decking, steel bolts, and corroded steel members. In addition, “the bridge’s steel structure is to be prepared and repainted.” We’re not sure what “prepared” means in this instance.

How long could this Hanalei Bridge closure last?

These repairs, which follow this week’s weather and flooding that closed Hanalei Bridge, are set for Sunday through Thursday nights “after the initial week.” That is set to continue through the project’s completion, which is in about two months, at the end of February. That being said, however, there are two extenuating circumstances that visitors and residents should bear in mind:

First, the state advised that “all work is weather permitting.” Since this is happening in what’s turning out to be a very rainy winter, that might lead to a longer duration.

Second, the state DOT tends to take far longer to complete projects than anticipated. A good example is their Honolulu airport runway repair, which in total has been extended greatly.

During the decking refurbishment, the state is staging first responders on both sides of the bridge, “as they (the public) will not be able to drive across the bridge while the deck is being replaced.”

Our sense is that this could be more lengthy and complicated than has thus far been indicated. For further information, you can check the state’s website at https://hidot.hawaii.gov/highways/roadwork/kauai/

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8 thoughts on “Hanalei Bridge Shutdown Starts January 2”

  1. Just went down to Hanalei, the hillside which slipped last year looks a bit suspect too. Looks like they are working on that.
    I see there is talk of a stop light which would be totally out of place… However a charge to cross the bridge into Hanalei with locals buying a kama’aina pass for a nominal $10 a year would discourage some traffic and improve things for locals. After all you get plate pass on mainland rentals.

  2. Aloha Rob+Jeff. Am glad to hear the decking will be replaced. Just came back from there and I was a bit wary of even driving across after watching the car in front of me go over and seeing the wood pop up. It’ s definitely a much needed repair ASAP. Mahalo and Happy heavenly healthy Holidays to you all over there.

  3. Regarding the Hanalei Bridge closure. I wouldn’t count on the completion date especially in this weather. Add to that, HDOT who are infamous with project delays. I feel bad for the residents who have to put up with this. I know repairs are needed, but, on the mainland the contractor would be rewarded for finishing the project on time.

  4. Mufi tutorial was from the one of five: The BIG 5 – C. Brewer. The HTA ( Hawaii Tourism Authority)
    [ since 1996 ] Trillions of Hawaii Taxpayer’s monies – goes to HTA – part of DBEDT – To Advertise –
    Hawai`i Nei. Sanctioned off by: DBEDT Department of Business Economic Development and Tourism 2024 Hawaii Legislative Session ought disband HTA NO More $$$ for HTA & Mufi

  5. Anyone who has kayaked under the bridge will know how much this work is needed. Still it is better than when it was one way with lines of vehicles taking an hour from Ka Haku Road to Hanalei. Let’s hope they can keep to the deadlines.

  6. I cannot believe that Mufi will be heading the HVB…big mistake! Everything he touches turns bad! The sewer spill debacle, the rail system! The old boy will kill Hawaii…

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