Hawaii Accommodation Tax | Highest in US

Honolulu Latest to Hike New Accommodation Tax: Highest in US

More taxes are confirmed for your Hawaii hotel or vacation rental. Prepare for some sticker shock.

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230 thoughts on “Honolulu Latest to Hike New Accommodation Tax: Highest in US”

  1. They should convert some of the hotels into Casinos and use the tax revenue for infrastructure and education. As far as the increased HTA, it sucks – totally, but Americans always seem to adjust. Sometimes that’s an unfortunate fact.

  2. After 22 trips to the hawaiian islands we will now set our sights on Costa Rica. Garfield from Manitoba Canada,Enough is enough.

  3. Aloha,
    As a frequent traveler to Maui, we are saddened by this news. Over the last 10 years we’ve seen our “tourist tax” increase almost regularly. Resort fees, starting out at about $140 for a week ten years ago, to recently $350 this last May. Our annual visits have been wonderful with many encounters with local businesses and excursions, but alas, the last few years we’ve had to cut back on our excursions which in turn cuts back on locals getting our monies. 18% average tax would now raise our week long visit to about $500 and the loss will cut not only our excursions but our length of stays. Perhaps that’s the idea, bit it is a shame, that we can’t share more time and money with those who provide awesome service on our vacation.
    Just sad.

  4. My wife and I try to come every two years to enjoy our timeshare and the beautiful islands. I get the tax increase, but combine that with non residents being charged to use certain recreational facilities and the locals use it for free is going to make it easier for me to go somewhere else in the future. If that is how its going to be, many people will just stop going to hawaii and find other places that welcome people rather than discourage them from coming. What a shame.

  5. Reading the article & comments makes me
    cry & laugh. As ex-island born resident
    now living in Oregon, these ridiculous
    actions on getting revenue from visitors
    without any vision of future industries
    that provide jobs & state revenues is
    What “native Hawaiians” is Amy P talking
    about? All residents regardless of their
    ethnicity? Alot of Hawaiians have fled to
    West Coast, Vegas, OR, WA over the years
    to escape. Hawaii needs ways to pay down
    the Rail. Taxing visitors is drop in the
    bucket vs costs of residential needs. Pay
    teachers more; repair aging buildings in
    schools; pave roads with better materials
    to avoid potholes.Glad this will be my
    final trip to islands. I have moved on!

    1. Completely understand JK
      I know a good many native Hawaiians who now live and work in Calif central valley, they live and work on family owned farms.

  6. The state of Hawaii continues to do better than any Mexican Chamber of Commerce.
    Residents of Hawaii should know that driving tourists away with excessive taxes won’t help their economic well-being.
    When taxes get to the breaking point, tourists will take a shorter commute to Mexican resorts.

  7. As a frequent East Coast visitor to Hawaii both prior and during Covid, I am appalled with this decision. Although I do understand (and for the most part agree with) the decision to keep the islands safe by drastically reducing tourism, increasing the effective taxes to “make up” for all of the lost revenue while other vacation spots are still closed for travel is nothing less then price gouging. I hope when the other tropical vacation spots open up, travelers will remember Hawaii’s actions and take their hard earned money elsewhere…I know I will.

  8. Hawaii is cutting the hand that feeds her. Are Hawaiians hinting that they don’t want tourists?

  9. I usually go to Hawaii once or twice a year. I will probably not head for Hawaii until all the Covid testing is done….the new tax rate will also stop me from going this year.

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