Hawaii Air Rage Was Inevitable. Then It Happened. So What’s Ahead?

With a chilling video. Two events yesterday raised new concerns about Hawaii air rage.

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64 thoughts on “Hawaii Air Rage Was Inevitable. Then It Happened. So What’s Ahead?”

  1. Reinstate the use of Air Marshals who can subdue unruly passengers and restrain them until the flight gets to its original destination – so flights do not have to return or land early. Anyone needing to be restrained should then be arrested immediately plus pay a hefty fine. Also have a nation-wide no-fly list that all airlines can share. This is so far out of hand I’m afraid something tragic may happen if this isn’t brought under control.

  2. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    People like this should automatically be issued a full scale psychological evaluation, by the courts.

    Be sure it’s going to get much worse, the more you try to impose any governmental will on people’s individual freedoms.

  3. I just don’t understand, even if there is a reason to be upset, why you would just attack a flight attendant. Is there no common sense or goodness left? Every time I hear one of these stories it just blows my mind. Maybe it’s because I work in customer service too but you don’t shoot the messenger.😥

  4. I’ve been flying for business for 40+ years. I am 100% OK with banning an unruly, aggressive passenger for LIFE from ALL airlines. Period. The sooner we get these idiots grounded the safer the skies will be for all of us.

  5. Aloha. You think this is new? Flight Attendants are attacked all the time. It’s just everyone has their phones out now. Travel nowadays is not easy. You have Covid restrictions, changes in schedules and personal issues. It’s a recipe for airplane inflight disaster.

  6. I would just love to come out of LE retirement and work as an Air Marshall, heck I’d do it for free to be able to put some restraint bracelets on these people. And then watch there expression when they find out what their FAA fine will now be. Make my day. People are all about “ME” these days.

  7. This world has become such a sad sad place. Anger seems to now be an acceptable social emotion. Past generations must be rolling over in their graves.

  8. I feel sorry for people having to police mask wearing and vax proofs. The nuts are out in full force, and they are getting brutalized for nothing more than doing what their employers asked. I am almost afraid to fly now, worrying who else will be on the plane, if they are vasked, if they will mask, if there will be violence.


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