First air range, now airport rage in Hawaii.

Hawaii Airport Rage Strikes | Calm Advised

Travel rage is nothing new, and we’ve even seen air rage on flights to Hawaii. But now it has even spread to sleepy Kauai’s airport, which we find disconcerting, to say the least. On the other hand, with all the hindrances visitors now face, together with what seems to be less travel patience than ever, why should we be surprised?

The Kauai police department has reported that two arrests were made recently for disorderly conduct at the otherwise tranquil garden island airport.

Just last week we wrote: Why Hawaii Airports Are A Hot Mess Now.

No finger pointing between residents and visitors. Rage is rage.

In the first of these two incidents, a Kaneohe man, aged 37 was arrested for screaming profanities and racial slurs at an airline employee. The accused still managed to board his flight after continuing to swear and holler through the airport. Police removed the passenger from the flight. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and harassment.

Just a day later, a Miami Beach man, aged 58, was arrested at the airport for disorderly conduct. Kauai Police said he was “recklessly creating a risk of alarming members of the public by engaging in violent or tumultuous behavior.” The man was charged with disorderly conduct.

Frustration at Hawaii airports leads to a multitude of problems.

Kauai airport, like Maui Airport, continues to have very long security screening lines. Did that contribute to these problems?

Kauai has been in the process of upgrading its screening process and equipment. In the midst of all that, two of its x-ray machines broke down. We’re told those have since been repaired.

Parking has also been very problematic. Kauai airport, which currently has only limited parking stalls, is prone to be sold out. That was the case again this past weekend.

While largely a problem for residents more than for visitors, no parking definitely adds to the stress of the airport experience. Visitors are also known to use airport parking short-term while gathering bags and passengers.

Inadequate staffing yields long wait times, even today.

There continues to be a lack of staffing such that TSA and others don’t have consistently adequate workers to keep things moving smoothly. That has been especially true on Kauai and on Maui where TSA lines have ranged from blissfully short to nearly 2 hours. As of this morning, the wait at Lihue TSA is about one-half hour, while on Maui it has been over one hour. Kona and Honolulu are operating normally with minimal wait times.

Problems are exacerbated by issues including peak summer travel. That should begin to ease even in the next week. Also, airlines tend to bunch many flights together at the most popular times, especially mid-day. Then these can be avoided, so much the better.

Flight delays contribute to Hawaii travel frustration.

Yesterday there was yet another spate of flight delays. At Honolulu airport 95 flights were delayed. Once again, a source of traveler frustration.

Calming Tips for hot Hawaii airport circumstances.

Stay hydrated with cool water. Stay nourished too.

Focus on what’s good in your life and in your Hawaii travels.

Be grateful. It always works.

Don’t be late. It’s a sure way to add to the stress, especially now.

Seek out the calmest places at the airport. Have you enjoyed the wonderful gardens at HNL for example?

Photo of Maui airport lines.


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43 thoughts on “Hawaii Airport Rage Strikes | Calm Advised”

  1. We are considering getting the interviews and going through the pre check line from now on, it makes sense for me as I am disabled. Glad that your renewal went fairly quick.

  2. It has been a few years since I was in Hawaii but I can say when at the airport The employees there were the rudest people. It made checking in at the Kauai Airport very difficult.

    1. I am sorry to hear about your apparent disappointment and dissatisfaction with the Airport Employees in Kauai, it sounds as if they Hire some of these rude Clowns/Clones hoping to chase Tourists away. Honolulu has some too, however, most of them are extremely pleasant and very helpful. To All of the Good, Hard Working, Pleasant and Helpful Airport Employees I am saying “Thank You!” To those “Others” I can only say Find Your Niche elsewhere and stop taking up space at the Airports.

  3. Mahalo for always keeping us well informed. The best travel tip I can think of is this: Don’t.

    People are just too rude and self-centered and have forgotten how to be civil and courteous to each other. Until we all remember that we are in this game together and act like decent caring human beings again, it is best just to remain at home.

    1. Hi Debi.

      Thanks as always. Interesting comment. Many of us have missed travel for almost three years now. Yet your point is well taken.


    2. With Covid Restrictions we chose Not to return to Oahu until February 2022, Hawaii didn’t follow the “Science” and Ige made it known just how he felt about Tourists at Anytime. He Bites the Hand that feeds, for certain. The Restrictions allowed for us to get back into our routine of flying to other countries in the Caribbean, mostly, for vacations. Rediscovering destinations and finding New Ones while saving enough money for several more has had an positive outlook and effect, Beauty and Amazing Beaches can be found in many places and Happy, Friendly, Residents Are Very Welcoming and Hope that you come back. We Believe that the “Lost Aloha” from Hawaii has been Found and it’s Everywhere Else except in Hawaii, what a simple Truth and Shame!

  4. Maybe the TSA should be arrested for inciting the rage that has been going on. With all of the Flight cancellations and delays, no wonder people are becoming upset at the Airports. Upgrading the TSA equipment now? They had almost 2 years while Hawaii was pretty much locked down due to the sham covid nonsense. That would have been the ideal time to “update” the TSA equipment. Instead, they wait until the bans are lifted and Hawaii is seeing one of the largest influxes of tourists it has ever seen, to decide to update. If they only had a brain!

    1. The “Brains” of the operation are Politicians in DC that were too busy to consider doing something like that, busy trading stocks and making money. You’re correct about so much of what you’ve said, ever consider that the timing may have been planned to discourage tourism? The tension between TSA and passengers is more Authoritative, this Tense Situation is caused by Poorly Timed Legislation.

          1. Unfortunately, it has not been a great month for us. On July 19th, my wife’s 64 yr. young Brother passed away of a Heart Attack and on the same morning, my sister in NY was rushed to the Hospital for emergency surgery on a tumor. Unfortunately, it is malignant and has spread to he lymph nodes. So her prognosis is terminal. We are hoping she still has some time left with us. But thank you so much for your well wishes. Life is not always fair. Have a good one Ernie!

          2. Hi Ed.

            Sorry to hear the such sad news. Sending best regards to you and your family.


          3. Ed, my friend, my deepest and most sincere condolences, sympathy and sorrow go out to You, Your Wife and entire Family. Praying for Your Sister, as well as All of you. I hope that there’s time to be with her soon for Her Comfort as well as Yours. Love is Eternal, God Bless You and All. Safe Travels.

  5. There’s no need for visitors to park in the short term lot. The trick my wife and I have used over the years is to gather our bags and find a place for them and my wife too sit. I then catch the shuttle to our rental car, get it and return to pick her and the bags up. Works fine every time. It also makes it easier for me getting on the shuttle. No bags to mess with.

    1. We both go to the rental agency when picking up our vehicle so we can both present our drivers’ licenses at the same time. Yes, luggage is a hassle on the shuttle, but we have learned to pack light. Now that there are Target stores on the islands, we can buy what clothing we forgot, then donate it to resale shops when we leave the island.

  6. “Seek out the calmest places at the airport. Have you enjoyed the wonderful gardens at HNL for example?”

    Now if only the TSA lines wound through the gardens…I can dream can’t I?

  7. Problems at the Kauai airport are exacerbated by the fact that there are not enough TSA agents. Although the airport has hired a number of new people, some from off island, a big problem is that these new hires can’t find affordable housing within a half hour drive of the airport. Understandably, folks are not willing to take a job when they have no place to live. Understaffing coupled with a huge influx in tourists coupled with standing in a long line in the hot sun is a recipe for airport rage.

    1. Deciding to Not Expand the Airport by a few lines has caused much of the problems. Despite the cost of living, Authorizing a COLA due to the higher living costs could be given. An additional 2 or 3 lines would have brought with it more Equipment AND more TSA Agents to speed everything along. Ige and some Hawaiians are to Blame, toss in Hironno and the others Elected you’ve sent to DC.


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