Delta Air Lines Doubles Down On Hawaii

Hawaii Airports In Disarray: New Appointment, Same Critical Systemic Failures

This feels more like a superficial fix than a comprehensive solution to the state airport system’s deeply entrenched and troublesome issues.

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28 thoughts on “Hawaii Airports In Disarray: New Appointment, Same Critical Systemic Failures”

  1. I appreciate the Hawaii-centric reporting you do in Beat of Hawaii. I also appreciate the ability media has of putting public officials on the spot. It would be beneficial to have official comments from the Director of Transportation and/or the governor, having them address the questions and concerns you raise.

    1. Hi Mark.

      Thanks. We have reached out to the DOT previously and unfortunately, don’t get a response.


      1. Aloha. Keep trying to get through to DOT. Even your message about wanting commentary on the situation says you and other media are interested in their “spin” on the topic.

  2. I’m not saying that Hawaii’s airports don’t need improvement but I travel to one of Honolulu, Lihue. or Kahului on a yearly basis and have never had any issues with anything. Both my family and I like the open air airport designs which harken back to a simpler, less stressful era. Maybe if I lived on the islands or took multiple flights there on a yearly basis I’d feel different.

  3. I am a disabled senior citizen. I feel compelled to add my comments as I wish to compliment the airport department and staff. There were no flight delays, the runways were smoothe, my luggage was on time, and the wheelchair assistance was better than I have had anywhere else. You see, despite my physical disabilities, I am fortunate enough to travel the world. The Honululu airport is excellent. I like the open-air architecture and the lighting. I find it welcoming and refreshing. In my condition, I have special needs above and beyond most all other travellers. My experiences at the airport, from start to finish, were terrific, and I look forward to my future flights to and from the international airport in Honolulu.

    1. I find it amazing that you would base all of Hawaii’s airport operations on One trip! That number by and of itself is statistically insignificant and you should just consider yourself lucky that you had no problems.

  4. The entire island is run by incompetent officials. These important high paying jobs are giving to corrupt family and friends of these State official. It’s bad enough they’re destroying the toursim industry but now they are ruining their own living space. When will the clown show end?

  5. I agree with the view point of the writer. I fly into the Big Island often. Kona has cracks that appear mysteriously. Hilo has well it has over problems that are documented dealing with operations.

    1. It’s not hard to believe the Big Island airports would have runway problems because of all the earthquakes from the volcanos. I still love the Big Island the most ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  6. Nothing will change, except we may see a little less of Ed Sniffen on the news. Thank goodness for that! Watch Hawaii’s so-called leaders carefully on the news, its usually talk, talk, talk, about what the problem is with No action! From the Department of Agriculture (Rhinoceros beetle and fire ant infestation) to Maui’s emergency management team (Lahaina tragedy) to the department of transportation et. al. All BS and no action. Lets hope Mr. Otaguro spent enough time in the private sector to blast through the excuse factory that is Hawaii government, and get something done. As for Hawaii voters, we get the government we vote for!

    1. What have you done? Have you stepped up to the plate to “Be The Difference Maker”? It’s sad to see all these complaints from people who haven’t applied for the position or even attempted to find a place where they can bring about a positive change. Have you talked to your congress person? Or better yet, have you tried to run for a state seat to be in a position to influence positive change in Hawaii. Too much bashing with very little action…..and yet you’re asking for others to take action. Makes no sense…..get out an do something about it!! All of you!!

      1. Unfortunately, most of this stuff is ultimately determined by the voters and unfortunately we know who the voters prefer. Just look at the outcomes. We also know what the word is for “keep doing the same expecting different results”. Look it up ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Well, Hawaii has once again outdone their already unbelievable level of ineptness as to Hawaii airport management with this “novel” appointment of someone with No apparent airport experience other than maybe having flown in or out of some of Hawaii’s airports. You don’t even have to try to make this clown show up because those running the state are quite well versed in creating another!?&%$* situation!

  8. What I see on this island is just a reshuffle of ready to retire or pulled out of retirement gentlemen, that aren’t doing The job. This is how it is here. Always has been, always will be. We are in the middle of the ocean. If you don’t like it, there’s another flight back to the bigger island. I’ve accepted it and am retired, but feel for those trying to do their best work when disfunction is in their path.

  9. I’m laughing as I type… Just more of the same… Most of the third world airports I’ve gone through are in better shape than HNL. At least I get to try the new HA terminal when I leave. It’s been that long since I’ve flown on them. At some point the can hits the wall and impacts the tarmac…

    Best Regards


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