Hawaii Boat Tours To Be Greatly Curtailed In Latest Measure

Hawaii Visitors take note that the state plans to curtail operations at its harbors and boat ramps.

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47 thoughts on “Hawaii Boat Tours To Be Greatly Curtailed In Latest Measure”

  1. They all fly here regardless and we take thousands of them off the islands every day. Tourists will just find other spaces and those spaces will become more crowded and abused. Instead of molokini or na pali it will be big beach or hanalei. If we want to curb tourism then it needs to be done at letting them in the front door. There are only too many tours because there are too many tourists. Simple supply and demand. Take away the demand and you take away the supply. Take away the supply and you still have the demand and price skyrockets.

  2. Just visited first time.found it difficult to book tours. So with fewer sites will become even more difficult. So why bother to visit the islandscay all?

    1. Looks like the price of boat tours is about to go through the roof like everything else in the state. The tour boat operators aren’t going to take the loss until they try staying in business by increasing fees.

    1. This is ostensibly to protect the precious marine habitat. There is just one problem, there is no evidence that snorkeling, scuba or sunset dinner cruises harm the reef. Per the Nature Conservancy Atlas of West Maui Reefs, what’s hurting the reefs are 1. Fishing 2. Sediments 3. Land based pollution and 4. Invasive species. This isn’t about environmental protection, it’s about people who don’t want to share.

  3. I have friends that work for those companies. But this is the right thing to do. Can’t sweep it away and put a band aid on this one. They should cut it down to the number it was in the early 90’s. Yes, I have family and friends that will be directly affected by this. But if this law doesn’t pass, our beautiful island will be directly affected also.

  4. It’s great if they cut it by 60% it’ll focus the wealth in on the most wealthy and they’ll be able to buy more expensive homes to help drive up home prices and that’ll be less work for poor people good job government
    Never said anything about putting a price cap on it and spreading the wealth around

  5. Hello Hawaii – been a fond friend and visitor for 50 years and have seen the islands change vastly. For years we’ve looked forward to our visit only to change direction due to cost. When Australia or Tahiti is a less expensive alternative you have to consider that maybe you have outpriced yourself. The traffic in many areas is horrific and to be honest – the natives are so rude to mainlanders; what used to be far fetched alter alternatives is worth the longer flight.

    Islanders first – OK, then have some respect for the people paying for your lifestyle.


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