Hawaii Car Rental Prices Soar Again Amid Fresh Shenanigans

Hawaii Car Rental Prices Soar Again Amid Fresh Shenanigans

Sharpen your skills at navigating the costs of a Hawaii vacation. Today, here’s what’s happening with Hawaii car rentals.

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79 thoughts on “Hawaii Car Rental Prices Soar Again Amid Fresh Shenanigans”

  1. You’re not kidding prices are skyrocketing! I just checked Enterprise for an update on pricing for the close to three weeks I’m visiting HNL in Dec/Jan. I originally booked on 12 Jan 24 – The lowest cost vehicle was a “Sporty” category Challenger or such – Not my cup of tea in HNL traffic but WAAY lower than the rest. @ $339 a week (fuel costs factor in here I suppose) – $1262 total w tax and fees. Same vehicle today over $1800 a week. Crazy, just… Crazy.

    Best Regards

  2. Aloha All… We now live in a dynamic pricing world when it comes to airfare, rental cars and hotel rooms. When casually searching for prices online, always search while “incognito.” Dynamic pricing means that rates and fares are constantly changing and if you using your search engine for specific dates for hotels, cars and flights over and over, these sites keep track of you and they continue to push rates upwards. Search “incognito” whenever you can!

  3. I like Enterprise, always use them at HNL, reserving early then keep checking back to check for lower as you guys suggest is the way to go! My rate last week just $640 total for 10 days for a small Mazda SUV for a spur of the moment trip (only about a month’s notice).

    My res in May for 12 nights is only $621 total for a Nissan Rogue or equivalent (way back to July 23). Check a couple times a day everyday. You might be surprised at how much you can save. BTW on arrival on 1 Feb, the lot attendant told me folks were fighting over rentals since so few were available. Last minute surge I guess.

    Best Regards

    1. Hi Jay.

      Thanks. Yes, we’re with you. Rechecking all sources many times will yield the best results. It’s time-consuming though.


  4. Can’t emphasize enough that you have to check, check, and keep checking. We are a group of 8 going to Maui today. I needed to either book 2 cars or an 8 person Suburban. I settled on the Suburban about 6 weeks ago and was okay with the price. $1,000+ for 7 day rental through Avis. Checked again 6 days ago and the price had dropped over $300! Needless to say I canceled and rebooked!


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