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Save 50% With Hawaii Car Rental Sleuthing Tricks

Your editors are traveling around the state regularly again to report on Beat of Hawaii. For an upcoming day trip to Honolulu, we found that ridiculous costs have returned. We returned to our prior strategies on how to save on Hawaii Car Rentals, which we’ll share with you today. Also, see our savings guide to 2023 Hawaii car rentals.

Here’s how we found the best deal this time.

To start looking, we checked all the suspect sites for a one-day compact Honolulu car rental from one of the major companies, and here’s what we found at the time we checked. The prices include all taxes and fees. And remember, as with airline tickets, the prices of car rentals are dynamic and changing constantly.

So, editor Jeff keeps making Hawaii car rentals a game rather than finding it frustrating. He loves finding the best deals, and it isn’t even just about saving money.

Takeaways from today’s deal on Hawaii car rentals.

  • Don’t expect to find the deal in the same place each time. That includes every vendor. No one source will always get you the best price.
  • We always suggest beginning the search for car rentals when booking airline tickets.
  • If there’s time, start with a cancellable car and see if you can get a better deal later. If we have to prepay for the best Hawaii car rental deal, we rarely do that until the last minute.
  • Check every car rental source each time

Beat of Hawaii 2023 Savings Guide To Hawaii Car Rentals.

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4 thoughts on “Save 50% With Hawaii Car Rental Sleuthing Tricks”

  1. Aloha BOH Rental Car Booking Bro’s

    No lie I checked Costco Travel in the last 2 years I’ve booked and rebooked rental cars 143 times, but wait there’s more. This morning I rebooked a rental car for a trip to Disneyland at the end of the month saving 10 dollars.

    After reading your article I checked Costco again and the car went down another 11 dollars. Canceled and rebooked. LOL….

  2. Aloha,
    As Maui regulars we had always used Costco but grew tired of the long lines to check out. Last few visits we have used Go Rent a Car Maui. Coolers ,beach chairs and the car sitting in the lot. Good selection of rides, clean and reliable. Not the least expensive but priced right for our needs. $15 to exit the lot , yet for the convenience it is worth it.

  3. I always start alerts at various websites about 5 months before our trip. I routinely use Discount Hawai’i Rental, who normally have the better price.

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